Australian Adventure – Day 29 – Dental Disaster and Australian Barbeque

“Shall I put this biltong away now?” said Colette. “No,” I said, “I will snack on it during the day” and I popped a piece into my mouth – then I felt something hard in my mouth – what do you think – a piece of tooth!   Uh oh!  Just to keep Aunt company I now needed an emergency dental appointment.  Lucky for me we managed to get one for 11 0’clock this morning – just an hour after my small disaster.

A very friendly young dentist greeted us and asked what had happened.  “I bit a piece of biltong and out came the filling,”  said I.  Earl had to explain what biltong was.   “Where are you from,” he asked and then said we didn’t sound like South Africans.  But when I said “Yes”  he said aha now that sounds South African!  Oh dear those flat vowels!

Once I was settled into the chair the nurse presented me with a pair of sunglasses- so that the bright light wouldn’t hurt my eyes!   Have you ever!

Of course this is all part of the adventure so the photos have to illustrate the Australian Dentist Experience.

Me in the hands of an Australian Dentist!

Me in the hands of an Australian Dentist – note the sunnies!

It all went off very well and the Travel Insurance that I thought I would never need is going to pay the bill!

On our return Aunt took me to visit her neighbour who has an elephant fetish.   Every room is crowded with elephants and elephant decor.

Some of the elephant keepsakes

Some of the elephant keepsakes


Earl has been missing the traditions of South African and been nagging about doing a braai for the Australian hostesses.   Well today he could stand it no more and insisted on using the gas barbecue in the back garden.  A great deal of fuss was made about the correct preparation of the sweet potatoes and vegetables and what sausage would take the place of boerewors.   Eventually all was ready and he nearly platzed when he found that the gas took only a few minutes to heat the barbie! What happened to enjoying a few beers while waiting for the coals to be just right?  Sorry – total fire ban in this part of the world in summer.  Finally the meal was done and all turned out well – a very good meal indeed!

Making do with a gas  barbercue

Making do with a gas barbecue

Delicious, Thank You Darling

Delicious, Thank You Darling



2 thoughts on “Australian Adventure – Day 29 – Dental Disaster and Australian Barbeque

  1. Oh No a gas braai… what of the camel thorn wood and the fire preparation all part of the Braai.??.. still a gas braai is better than no braai…


  2. Nothing beats a good old braai. Don always says nothing like a wood braai he hated the gas braais there. Hope your tooth is feeling better no more biltong.


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