Back in the Classroom – Welcome

To all my new parents – a very warm welcome to Grade 1 Fn!  So often the reply to your “What did you do at school today?” is – “Nothing!”     This is the place you can log into at the end of each week to see the what the answer should have been!

Two and half years ago I returned to teaching after a 10 year break during which I only did relief work – then the call came again.  It was supposed to be for four months —- but still I’m “Back in the Classroom!”

The first day of school is always exciting but for Grade 1 it is a giant leap to the next phase of their lives. Even though the first few days have been short, I am sure you have found your girls to be quite exhausted by the time they got to bed!  There is so much newness, so much to get used to and so much excitement.   Be patient with them until they get used to their new lives.   A good routine, healthy diet and early bedtime will make all the difference in getting them to settle.

There was a fabulous welcome to all the new little ones in the hall on Wednesday morning and then we all trooped to our classrooms and started working straight away!  The girls were introduced to The Gruffalow, learnt about RED, made a picture from circles and are getting to grips with writing their names.   They have had their minds filled with new expectations and routines and I have to say they’re coping beautifully.

Red is an

Red is an exciting colour

I made balloons for my clown out of circles

I made balloons for my clown out of circles

There is just too so much to do!

There is just too so much to do!

At last - time to play on the mat!

At last – time to play on the mat!


5 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – Welcome

  1. Good to see you have settled back into your normal life my darling. The kids look terrific. Take care, lots of love, Aunt, Colette and Sophie!!xopxoxo


  2. Hi I am Faith Vollenhoven’s mom. Just letting you no how excited we are being in Grade 1 and meeting you the other knight I know Faiths in good hands. Please post some more pics xxxxxxxx


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