Back in the Classroom – Meeting Our Hoofie Leaders and starting Homework

On Tuesday the Grade Ones met their Hoofie Leaders.  At SVPS all the children are divided into families of seven, consisting of a child from each grade. These families meet once a fortnight and are headed up by a Grade Seven learner.  Before these gatherings occur the Grade Ones are introduced to their Head of Family (Hoofie Leader) who explains how the whole system works.  We find that having these families reduces the occurrence of bullying because the children learn to get on with the other kids no matter what grade they’re in and families stick together and help each other out in times of need.

I feel special with my Hoofie Leader

I feel special with my Hoofie Leader

Getting to know what it is all about

Getting to know what it is all about

I think I'm going to like this

I think I’m going to like this

This week was yet another busy one full of new learning experiences.   We continued with shapes, colours and reading.   What fun it was to create pictures out of our diamond shapes.   We had to remember to use our shapes in size order too!  That was tricky when you were concentrating on the creative side.

Kites are flying. Have I got the sizes right

Kites are flying. Have I got the sizes right?

001 Amber

Do you like my colours and patterns?

This week we focussed on the colour Orange.   What fun we had honing our cutting out skills and strengthening the small muscles in our fingers and hands by colouring Ollie as brightly as we could. We then mounted him on black paper all by ourselves.  Getting him to stand out was quite tricky but we managed!

Tongue out in concentration

I must cut very carefully


Tongue out helps me concentrate


So How am I doing?


It’s a piece of cake!


Don’t rush me – I’m nearly done!

Aren't we clever!

Aren’t we clever!

Homework for Grade Ones began at the beginning of this week. We do not require you as the parent to teach your child. Everything that comes home has already been taught and just needs to be practiced.  Any new skill that is taught must be practised in order to perfect it and this is the reason we give simple homework exercises daily.  Make sure your child does the required homework as specified in the homework diary, remove notices from it and sign.   It should take no longer than 20 minutes per day.  Then watch your child thrive!

 Funny Story of the week:-  One little lass had a tummy ache.  “Tell me exactly how it feels.” I said. “It feels like my tummy is biting me.” She replied.   I sent her home!

  Smart answer of the week:- Question:  “What is a widow?”     Answer:  “A black spider!”

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and parents, please cover the THRASS Book sent home with your child today. This book will travel back and forth from school to home every day – it needs to last the whole year so a good quality plastic cover is required.


6 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – Meeting Our Hoofie Leaders and starting Homework

  1. Wish we had such a great teacher as you when I was young . You have a very happy and lovely bunch of small kids they seem to enjoy their school days. Wonderful.


  2. Your blog gives us the opportunity to find out what Michaela Stella is learning and how she is enjoying school. My name’s Alicia, Robert Stella’s sister (Michaela’s dad). We emigrated to Brisbane 5 years ago. One of the sacrifices we had to make was not being able to watch our nieces and nephews grow up. But now with your blog, my children, Kelsey, Jarred and Lucia can find out what Michaela is learning at present and can then talk to her about it on Skype.
    Thank you for that! We miss our family in South Africa very much. God bless you in your wonderful work. Alicia


    • Wow, Alicia – Your comment makes me feel good, Thank You. My aunt emigrated to Sydney in 1960 and had her three sons there. The only communication in those days was through snail mail. She sailed to Australia and sailed back with her sons 10 years later for a 3 month visit. So I understand about missing family! The internet makes the world such a small place. I am in touch with my Australian family through email, Facebook and blogging. Wonderful isn’t it! I visited my family in the Christmas holidays – what a fabulous country! You might like to take a look at my travel blog 🙂


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