Back in the Classroom – Group Teaching

Because this week ended today at 12:00 noon for a weekend of staff training, I am doing the BLOG early this week.   It has been a short week yet we have packed in so much.  We have reached the time of term when the girls are really settled and into the routine of school.  They are learning so quickly and I am enormously proud of them.  I know I say this every year but I am always amazed at the rate at which Grade Ones learn.   It is the most rewarding part of this job.

In the first few weeks our focus in on getting into good routines, learning to follow instructions, to work quietly at our tables and to consider others. Once this is established and the teacher has begun to know her learners she can begin with group teaching.   This has now started in my class although I am still teaching in small mixed-ability groups.  Later in the term I will group the children into ability groups and allow the girls to progress at their own pace.   Teaching in groups has so many advantages.  It allows the teacher to focus on individuals and to give more individual attention to learners who need it. I also allows her to extend the fast workers.

Working with concrete apparatus at this age is vital

Working with concrete apparatus at this age is vital

Can you see three with your eyes before you grab in in one go?

How do you change three into four?  Just one more!

We are so smart!

We are so smart!

While a group is busy working with the teacher on the mat the others have tasks to do on their own at their desks.  These tasks are well within their ability and the girls do not need help from the teacher. The girls have to be able to work independently and quietly and with just the odd reminder from me the cope very well indeed.

These girls are working on a THRASS activity while a group of learners is having a group Reading lesson.


I am practising my known THRASS skills


I am colouring the words that begin with the dog phoneme ‘d’ Aren’t I clever!

We do all kinds of activities to learn our phonemes and graphemes.   We have made the flying birds for ‘b’ a rabbit for ‘bb’ and yesterday we made a crown for our queen.  Don’t forget the queen, queen. Her majesty the queen, queen. Queen begins with ‘q’ queen. And of course she needs a crown!



That is all  I have for this short week, folks. It was a long afternoon of staff training where we performed many fun tasks focussing on the Habits of Mind.  It’s all very exciting and promises to make us better prepared for teaching your children.

Parents we have already started listening to Speaker Reader presentations so if your child hasn’t anything prepared yet please make sure she has something by Monday.   Projects begin next week too.  Make sure your child has all her bits and pieces to compile her “Me from Birth to Now” poster.

Have an awesome Long Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – Group Teaching

  1. What an exciting teacher you are. I feel like going back to school and learning with you. You have a very happy bunch of young people they sure are lucky. Enjoy your training..


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