Back in the Classroom – Expo Day, a Fabulous Project and Family Campout

Another busy week is over.  The girls are striding ahead with their Reading, Writing and Mathematics and surprising me with how quickly they are grasping new concepts.   We are working at developing good habits of mind and this week our focus was on thinking with clarity and Gathering Data through using all our senses.   Well after talking about what all this means the girls amazed me how they could get into these habits at their own level.  Listening to all the Speaker Reader recitals I was impressed how the little ones were able to speak out well and capture their audience’s interest.

Some of the girls are good at gathering information using their ears while others prefer a visual approach.  All the senses though help us to learn.  After giving just a verbal explanation of a task to the girls I found that only half of them understood what to do – the auditory learners – As soon as I repeated the instructions bringing in visual examples on the board and getting them to point to pictures on their worksheet there were no more problems!  Playing a game of blind man’s bluff taught the girls how their other senses were sharpened when they could not see.  They all decided that they did not want to do without any of their senses thank you!

As always there was a lot of excitement at school this week.  On Thursday we had an Expo Day.   The Grade Ones showed what learning in the 21st Century was like when they got stuck into their project – Me, From Birth till Now.  Their brief was to research the meaning of their names, ask their parents why they had chosen it, find out why they were special to their parents and collect photographs of themselves reaching their milestones.   Mom and Dad could type and print out their bits of pieces of information and send materials to school so that they could scrapbook it into an A3 project for display in the classroom.  Wow – did they just love this.  I was super impressed at the enthusiasm and effort that went into both the preparation and presentation of their work.  We had many visitors to the classroom and I hope they enjoyed the morning as much as we did.


Do you know what this says?


My parents think I’m great!


Look at mine!


A little help from the Room Mom


I’m ready to start


Careful thought going into the design


Now let me think


Help me read this please.


I need some help


I know just what I’m doing


Do you like it so far?


You can arrange it any way you like


What do you think of this?

To end the week we had a camp out on the school sports field this weekend!   The weather looked a little threatening – the wind was blowing and dark clouds were gathering but the turnout was amazing.  What a vibe there was with music playing and the rugby showing on the big screen outside our tuck shop – Birdie Num Nums!  I was on duty early on Saturday morning. As I wandered around the field to chat to some of my little ones, it was clear that everyone had spent a very enjoyable night in spite of a bit of rain in the early hours of the morning.  It cleared into a beautiful day though, and everyone was rising sleepily, parents getting their caffeine fix while the youngsters bonded with their friends.


One of mine with her big sister (also one of mine once upon a time)


Dad was on duty this weekend!


Another one of mine. (Dad was also on camp out duty!)

At 7:00 a.m. my duty began with  serving breakfast at Birdie Num Nums.  Wow – new respect for the catering staff – but what fun my colleagues and I had helping them.  There was such an amazing vibe with music playing and Mrs J shouting out the orders which we rushed to fill.  At first we were nervous about taking money and giving change – after all we only do Grade 1 Math – but when it got busy we had no choice but to help with that too!


Should we change our careers? My colleague and I hard at work!


Getting those hot chocolates and coffees to the expectant clients

All to soon it was over and the field was cleared by all but the hardened campers who did not want to leave.   One dad asked us to please make this a quarterly event as it was so much fun!  Well – we’ll think about that one!


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