Back in the classroom – A really fun week

The only ‘normal’ day we had this week was Monday!  I put ‘normal’ in parenthesis as no day at my school is ever what I would consider normal – there is always something happening and if you teach here you need to be flexible, on your toes and have a good sense of humour.  I am not complaining – I would’t have it any other way.  There is never a dull moment. So with a little bit of attitude adjustment I managed to get through Hilarious Heads on Athletics Day and two exhausting days of FUNSCAPES.

So back to the beginning – Monday the ‘normal’ day went off pretty well if you don’t count the chair that fell on my foot first thing in the morning.  It was sore for a brief moment but then I forgot about it.  But at 1 p.m. it really started to hurt and I couldn’t walk comfortably on it.   I sat in on two parent interviews with a colleague and then checked my phone messages only to discover that my dental appointment had been changed and I had 15 minutes to get there!  My mouth felt fine but my foot was sore. The dentist apologised that he couldn’t fix that part of my anatomy!  By this time I really found hobbling quite painful and as the doctor was just next door to the dentist I decided to have it checked out. She prodded and pulled and it hurt like hell. She told me to ice it, take a Myprodol and go for an x-ray first thing the next morning.   I had visions of myself in plaster to my knee for the next six weeks – but a miracle occurred.  Fifteen minutes after taking medication, all pain disappeared and I haven’t looked back! Walking normally and not even a bruise.

Enough about me – back to the fun week at SVPS.   On Tuesday we celebrated our school’s birthday!   37 years ago my two older daughters started there in Grade One and Grade Three!   We even have a member of staff who started there in Grade One too.  We celebrated by having a hilarious head day and everyone came in the most elaborate hair styles, hats and face make-up.   I wore a wig of red streamers which my amused my little girls no end.  But I was so busy taking photographs I forgot to get one of myself!


Such imaginative ideas


Hilarious – these made me laugh


Happy hats and hair


Elaborate hair, hats and make up


Really rather cute


These girls have fun hats


Very smart and cute girls


Love the hair – love the hat

Wow girls you all looked so great

All ready to go down to the field for Athletics Day – Note the big shoes!

The Foundation Phase also had their athletics day which began after the parade of the best hats and singing the birthday song to ourselves.  The staff hats were hilarious too.

Winning Staff

Winning Staff

The Principal leading a Movement Song

The Principal leading a Movement Song


Two of my ‘room grans’ grooving to the movement song.

It was a glorious day and the races went well

It was a glorious day and the races went well

Racing to the finish line

Racing to the finish line

FUNSCAPES have taken on a new format.  I didn’t get to do what I usually like to do – bird watching but maybe next time.  This year instead of the whole school being mixed up into different clubs each grade offered four to choose from.  The good part of this was that we got kids in our grade.   My Funscape was GAMES.   It was well attended by mostly boys!   I have to admit it.  I missed my girls!   But Boys are Fun too – challenging  – but Fun.   I learned very quickly to change the activity often and to have lots of outdoor breaks too.  We played cards games, board games, dominoes, pick-up-sticks, tricky fingers, lego and other construction games.  These were wonderful experiences for digikids some of whom had never even heard of snakes and ladders or ludo.  It helped with their counting, matching, adding and thinking strategically.   Pick up sticks – wow – so good for fine motor coordination.   The kids were demanding – I had to split myself in many pieces to help with game instructions, sort out disputes and calm the losers.   And it was oh so noisy!   At the end of the first day I was wrung out and exhausted and had to brace myself for Day 2 which went way better now that they understood the rules!   I asked the kids how they’d enjoyed it. To my surprise the feedback was good.  They wanted to do it every day!  Well they can as each one received a gift pack of games and a large lollipop to take home.


You go down the snake and up the ladder


Carefully now – don’t let the others move


Construction went down a treat


Now remember which direction to move


Girls are good at this


Now let me think





2 thoughts on “Back in the classroom – A really fun week

  1. Helen you make me want to come back to school. What wonderful fun days you had and what lovely hats. Everyone looked amazing. Wish I had a teacher like you when at school. Stay well and enjoy your little ones.


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