Human Rights Day in Struisbaai

I am trying something new today. I am dong a blog on my Ipaad for the first time. Posting media is somewhat trickier than the laptop version so I hope you can all see what I have posted!

It is Human Rights Day in South Africa today so we have a long weekend.  Hubby wants to braai a fish tonight but I have persuaded him to let us use the yellowtail freshly caught today for sashimi. But I am jumping ahead. Let me tell you about our weekend so far.

We have two youngsters with us – Sam – 16 – who is a young protege of Earl’s and fishes competition with him – and his little sister, Bobbi who wants to get into fishing too. What super kids they are and such a pleasure to have.

Bobbi fished in Cape Town last weekend with Earl and Sam and was horribly seasick so this time she came prepared with some preventative medication. They set off early this morning and returned triumphant



On my return walk I spotted a couple of birds – a canary and a common fiscal.

While they were having fun at sea, I was having some much needed alone time. I needed to recover from the exhausting week of fun at school – it’s hard work having fun you know.
I slept in late, did my Back in the classroom blog and then went for a walk. I dropped in on my friend at her gift shop at the mall and then went to the harbour and had brekkie at the Pelican.










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