Human Rights Weekend Day 2

Last night Bobbi declared that she did not like fish. And she certainly wasn’t going to have sashimi! Earl insisted that she at least try his fried red fish. Only if it has lots of batter, she said. Well she came back for seconds didn’t she.
After supper Sam and a couple of other young boys went off to the harbour to catch Shad. Time went faster than you could imagine he declared when I asked him what time he got back – It was 2 a.m. Needless to say he didn’t rise till the later hours of the morning.

There was no sea fishing today as the wind was blowing rather strongly. Earl and I were up early and set off to Bredasdorp before the Saturday crowds. We needed to get things for the house and within an hour we had new linen for the double beds, new pillows, salad servers and an iron and ironing board. It is actually a pleasure shopping in Bredasdorp. We needed a mirror for the second double room and that presented a bit of a problem But guess where we found just the thing? Right here in Struisbaai and it is now hung proudly on the bedroom wall. Who needs the city for effective shopping.

We were back home by 11 and after doing a number of household chores we took Bobbi on a little educational trip. (Sam had disappeared to fish with his mates again) The Agulhas Lighthouse is a compulsory climb for first time visitors. Earl backed out at the last minute so I had to do the climb with her. She looked ever so slightly terrified when it came to the ladder ascent but she managed it fabulously. The wind was gale force at the top and you won’t see Bobbi’s face for hair in the photographs.








The next compulsory stop was the Southern Tip of Africa for the obligatory been there done that photograph. There were lots of tourists doing what they should and we took group photos for them before we got poor Bobbi to do her pose.

We then caught up with Sam and his mates who were about to give up on seeking a good spot to fish as the wind was just too unpleasant Their last ditch try was the harbour. While they tried their luck we took a drive and found the private school Zoetendal Akademie which I was curious about. Some francolin grabbed our attention (of course and then we took Bobbi for ice cream at the harbour. Sam was soon back and discouraged Bobbi from attempting to fish today so they are now tinkering about here while I do this blog!

Our friends Gus and Jacqui are coming up this evening as well a few other fishermen so we will be a houseful tonight. A good South African Braai is planned!


2 thoughts on “Human Rights Weekend Day 2

  1. Struisbaai looks lovely and how lucky those two children are to have such caring people to treat them the way you are doing. They must so enjoy their fishing and what beautiful fish you caught. Wow that yellowtail looks great. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


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