Autumn Break Cape Town to Durban to Kokstad

Finally the first term is over. It has had its fair share of delights and dramas but I am satisfied that my girls have now settled into the routine of Grade One. Experience tells me that from here on things only get better.
The holidays have now begun and the short week we have will be just enough to charge the batteries sufficiently to get back into the swing of things for a long second term which will be punctuated by a number of public holidays.

We sent the children home at 11 on Friday and after doing a few chores at school I dashed off home at about quarter to one, did my final packing and then Earl and I set off for to his office where one of his men was waiting to take us to the airport. Our Mango flight was delayed but it was perfect weather for flying and once we were up it was a pleasant trip midway through which we heard an urgent call for a doctor. Somebody had suffered a heart attack a few seats behind us. It was all very dramatic. Our travelling companion was an actuarial honors student from Stellenbosch university. Ooohh she said – how cool to be a doctor – nobody asks for an actuary in an emergency! The flight attendants rushed around finding medical equipment in the baggage compartment above our heads. A fibrillater appeared and soon the patient was stabilized.
The ambulance was waiting on the runway and we had to wait for the paramedics board before we could deplane. Hopefully all went well for the hapless passenger
After collecting our luggage we got our hire car and drove through the Durban traffic to Eddie’s house. Shirl was away looking after her granddaughter while Mom was having a baby. Andrew had been staying with Eddie all week while Barb was in hospital where she landed up after complications after her appendectomy. One of their kids had brought them up and it was a great convenience that we were now there to take them back.
Eddie had a lovely supper waiting for us. We caught up with everyone and then dropped into bed.
We had to travel slowly as Barbs had doctors instructions to stop every hour for a break. Our first stop was Gorge’s View where their son in law’s mom works. We had excellent service and fabulous cofffee and crunchies while we enjoyed the view.


Our second stop was at Ingeni Forest Lodge where we had lunch. Also a lovely spot. Travelling at this pace is to be recommended. We enjoyed the company and the took in the views that we would normally just rush past.

It was then just another hour to Glynis’s house where Andrew had his car. We spent a few minutes chatting, settled Barb into the car and then went our separate ways. Lauren, the kids and dogs were there to greet us at Karg’s Post and later in the afternoon we went for a lovely long walk – well the dogs, Lauren and I walked while the kids rode their bikes. What a stunning day it was and how lovely to be able to walk is such beautiful surroundings.







Simon said, Get your camera ready, Granny – and lifted a stone under which lay this snake!

A female stone chat posed obligingly.

The kids rode on ahead an got home before us and we were nearly there when Allan drove up behind us on his way home from golf so we drove the rest of the way with him. Lazy I know but we’re on holiday!
Lauren cooked us a delicious corned beef with mustard sauce for supper. The meat was from their own cattle and prepared by the butcher. Quite delicious!


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