Autumn Break – Last days at Sani Valley Lodge

When Earl went Reception, he chatted to the manager outside, told him he wanted to book a massage for the two of us and before Gareth could go in to organize it Sindile came out to say it was all sorted for 3 pm. She’d overheard the request and got right onto it. How’s that for service. We had a thunderstorm at 3 o’clock but it had passed by the time Earl’s massage was over so he was able to get his afternoon fishing in. The masseuse came to us and set up in our bedroom. It was bliss!
This is what the lake looks like in a thunderstorm.

While the chaps were fishing I saw Wendy on a walk and went to meet her. We walked back to our lodge together, sat on the deck and drank in the amazing view while sipping an excellent Sauvignon Blanc.
Below: It was easy to recognize Wendy by her beautiful white hair.

The light kept changing making photography interesting.


Spot the zebra on the hillside.

Two crowned crane flew in and settled down for a drink.

It was dark when Simon and Earl returned. E drove Wendy back to her friends who by now had wondered what had become of her.
Simon was a happy lad as he had caught the only fish of the day – a 2kg Rainbow Trout!
Hereunder – Simon on the boat

Eric in his element

Simon with his catch


Lauren, Allan and Shan were out visiting their friends Mitzi and Peter while the supper was roasting in the over. We sat down to eat and after a brilliant day it was early to bed! Thanks for a delicious dinner, Lauren!

This morning, Eric was already at the door when Earl was about to fetch him at his lodge. They spent another lovely couple of hours on the water and then returned so that we could pack, have breakfast and leave by check out time at 10. Mitzi and Jordan popped in to say goodbye and later Eric and Wendy before they took a trip up Sani Pass. They will be leaving for Clarens tomorrow.
Below are some last minute pictures we took of this beautiful and highly recommended venue. Remember the name – Sani Valley Lodge near Underberg in KwaZulu Natal






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