Back in the classroom – Another busy week

Well it was the second week back at school for the second term. It has been a pretty ‘normal’ week although of course only a four-day one as Easter is now upon us. But I made the most of it and felt really great that I had managed to get to teach properly in small groups more than is usually possible with all the amazing things that happen at my school. I love teaching here but being of the old school I sometimes panic that I am not getting enough of the basics into my little geniuses.
Teaching small girls is the best thing I have ever done in my whole career. What happens to my kids is extremely important to me. My whole purpose in life is to see that they learn to their best of their ability, that they reach their full potential and that they are happy at school.
For the outsider looking in Grade One might seem to be the easiest grade. But in fact this is not so. We all take writing for granted. We do it automatically. We don’t give a second thought as to how to form a letter or how to spell a word. For a First Grader this is a major chore. There are 26 letters in the alphabet and each letter has a special way of being formed. Omigosh which way does the b go and what about the d. They look almost the same but have to be formed so differently. My teacher nags me about pencil grip, sitting on the line, beginning in the correct place. So much to remember so much energy required. cat has to be written just so and tac just doesn’t cut it. Now this crazy teacher is having me pack out letters to form three letter words and when I get dog perfectly correct she tells me its the wrong way round. god she tells me is God not dog. Oops!
Then there’s counting well as a Grade one I can count perfectly by rote to 100 but now my teacher is telling me to point to 12 and 20 on a number chart. Oh crikes which is which. What is the difference between thirteen and thirty. It takes a lot to work this out you know. But she gives me little tricks to work it out – I just have to remember what they are! No, Grade One is not easy and teaching it requires special understanding too.
At our school other teachers get to teach our little ones too. They all confess that the younger grades are the most challenging and I find myself reluctant to let them out of my sight for fear that any other teacher just won’t understand them the way I do. Silly, I know because they always love having a change and learn so well from other teachers too!
This week we have made so much progress with our Reading writing and Mathematics. We have started building three letter words with our alphabet tiles too.
The weather has been amazing too – lovely, still, sunny days. But we are preparing for a change to winter clothes after the Easter Weekend which always heralds Winter!

















4 thoughts on “Back in the classroom – Another busy week

  1. cute photos darling the children look adorable. glad you are still enjoying your passion,teaching!!! lots of love and happy Easter, Auntxoxoxo


  2. Well done on a job well done! It’s amazing seeing the difference in these girls when I come to room parent every week. You do an amazing job and it must be one of the most rewarding in the world…

    Have a wonderful Easter and see you next week for more learning fun!


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