Struisbaai – Five Fab Friends and Two old Toppies day 2

Would you believe that after reminding everyone to get their fishing licenses, Grandpa completely forgot to update his own grandsons’. You see Jay has not participated in a competition this year and we were under the impression that his license was still valid. Josh fished quite recently but his was also out of date! Oh dear! So this morning there was a bit of wind from the north west so Grandpa decided not to go to sea. We couldn’t get the licenses today as it is Good Friday and the Post Office is closed so early tomorrow we will go to Bredasdorp and rectify the situation.
The boys therefore got to sleep in and were only called for a late “Early” breakfast at around 9ish. I don’t know how many of them realised that their scrambled eggs were laced with lamb’s kidneys. They ate every scrap and I was kept busy keeping the extra toast coming.


After Jay mowed the lawn and much discussion of how the day should proceed the lads disappeared saying that they were going to the dunes. They were gone for the rest of the day. We didn’t see them till 5 p.m. The report back was – we had an awesome time on the dunes. We made tunnels and crept through them and it was amazing. Then we went to the harbour and saw the rad seal before coming back to the house.
Earl and I spent a quiet day at the house. Earl did some chores and I worked on school stuff. Then we went to look for the boys but couldn’t find them. Struisbaai at Easter time is hugely busy and the weather is stunning so there were lots of people about. We saw the seal and I took some photographs. One idiot thought it was clever to pat him – he is lucky he didn’t have his hand bitten off. I wish people would realise that in spite of some creatures being easily adapted to humans they are wild and have to be treated with due respect. If this man had been bitten, the seal would have been in danger of being put down – so unfair when the human was intruding on his territory.







On weekends Struisbaai has a small market on the public open space opposite the shopping centre. Here you will find braai wood, fresh fruit and vegetables, bottled preserves and even art. There is always a small caravan that advertises Rooste Koek and I have often wondered exactly what this is. Today while Earl went into OK Grocer I went to ask the tannie who was updating her chalk board. She did more than explain – she gave me two rooste koeks free of charge and said, Come and buy some more tomorrow. Wow. Well when Earl came out of the shop we asked for 5 more that we could serve to our 5 boys with their steaks. What they are is similar to Pitta Bread. Well we were given 6 more for R40 – not bad! We did indeed serve them to our boys tonight.









3 thoughts on “Struisbaai – Five Fab Friends and Two old Toppies day 2

  1. Hello,
    I am enjoying your posts as I know Struisbaai well. Just so you know, it’s roosterkoek and not rooste koek. “Rooster” is Afrikaans for that thing you braai on and I guess if you’d been in the US the tannie would havebeen selling griddle cakes.


    • Thanks Anna, I should have known the correct spelling. My Afrikaans is a bit rusty:-) When next you are in Struisbaai, look out for us in Cineraria Street. A Fortuner or Caravelle would be parked outside.


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