Struisbaai – Five Fab Friends and Two Old Toppies Day 1

Grandpa and Granny are spending Easter in Struisbaai with Five Teenaged Boys! Our two grandsons have invited three friends to join them at our holiday house for a weekend of sun, fun and fishing.

Grandpa who is now retired (at last!) left early on Friday morning with all the luggage which included bicycles and fishing tackle while the rest of us had to endure a day of school.   There was great excitement when we finally go into the Caravel just after half past three.  Maundy Thursday is not the best time to travel I know but with Grandpa getting supper ready it would be worth the long drive.   I thought I’d make it all the way in daylight but the sun was gone by 6:30 so the last leg was done in the dark.   The worst of the traffic was through Somerset West and then Elgin/Grabouw. After that it was free flowing

The boys tuned the seats around to face each other and there was lovely fun vibe in the car.  I think they forgot that I could hear every word of the conversation and now find myself quite informed about internet gaming with Russian opponents!   And here I believed that my innocent grandsons never gamed online!

Towards the end a game of I spy, teenage style, took place as they thought up the most obscure words for the others to guess, then mocked each other about the bizarre way in which their minds worked.

Grandpa was waiting patiently and indeed had a superb braai ready for us.   After the boys tucked away a good amount of food they could not resist going down to the harbour to see the rays and seal.  They returned a little later with lots of photographs but the seal and rays had gone to bed.
















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