Back in the Classroom – Beach Outing

My post is a little late this week as my husband and I decided at the last minute to take off for the weekend. (There will be another blog post on that too, soon!)  Usually I blog when away but there was not internet connection at this particular venue

Children’s development is shaped through the experiences they have.  The five senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch are important to help in all their learning.  In the classroom and on outings teachers draw their attention to the five senses and encourage the children to use them to explore the world around them.  We had a wonderful time on Thursday when went with one of the boy classes to the Fish Hoek Beach – a perfect place to use all our senses.

The forecast was grim – rain and cold was predicted – but I put in a special order for the rain to be held off till later and my prayers were positively answered.  We had a spit and a spot at 8:15 but the hours on the beach were perfect and the rain only came down later in the afternoon!



Writing in the sand feels so good


Cloudy, still and warm enough to go for a swim


Building with wet sand


Building with dry sand


We found shells to decorate our designs


The sea was cold


Splashing in the cool sea is fun


We got wet


It was a still, calm day

Fun on the rocks

Fun on the rocks


Snack Time


Tasty Snacks and Cool Drinks


More fun in the sand


Look at my construction


Mud, glorious mud

Thank you all the parents who helped with lifts.   It was a delightful outing which I hope you all enjoyed as much as we did.


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