The Boys and Me at False Bay Ecology Park

Temperatures have been hovering between 8 and 16 here in chilly Cape Town this week.  Today though we had sunshine and it was a tad warmer.   Earl had a fishing date with a friend and after doing a number of chores in town I really felt the need to get my teenage grandsons out of the house and into Nature.

Isn’t it amazing that you can go to the same place many times but each time it’s different.  The light was good for photography and I gave Jay (16)  my ex-camera, a Canon Powershot SX30IS and Josh and I used my Powershot SX50HS.

Black-winged stilt by Jay

Black-winged stilt by Jay


Purple Swamphen by Jay







Black-headed Heron with an snack by Jay


Black-head heron – Jay

Hadeda Ibis - Josh

Egyptian Goose – Josh

Egyptian Geese

Egyptian Geese


Hadeda Ibis – Josh


Cape Teal

Cape Teal

Cape Teal

Little Grebe

Little Grebe

Levaillant's Cisticola

Levaillant’s Cisticola




Josh in front

We always look out for the Spotted Eagle-owls in their usual spot and today Jay and Josh found them easily.  They were in the open, woke up and stared at us, preened a bit and then went back to sleep.  We managed to get a few reasonable photographs.


Sleepy Head


Ho Hum


What are you looking at


Wink Wink


The African Fish Eagle is occasionally seen at The False Bay Ecology Park and today we were lucky enough to catch sight of two.  I alerted the boys to one was flying ahead of the car when they yelled – Gran – look – there’s one next to us with prey!  It was not easy to focus the camera but I got a very poor shot of it with a mongoose in its talons!  It scattered the birds on the mudflats including a number of Spur-winged geese then settled on a mound some distance away.

Poor Mongoose

Poor Mongoose


Fish Eagle


Fish Eagle – Jay

He flew off over the next pond, settled in a tree and then flew off again. We went in hot pursuit of a better photograph.


The Boys hoping to spot the Fish Eagle

Finally it was time to leave.  Last shot of a male Cape Shoveller.


The boys agreed the excursion had been most worthwhile!



4 thoughts on “The Boys and Me at False Bay Ecology Park

  1. How lucky that those boys have a Gran like you to show them how beautiful nature is. The birds are stunning and Jay you did so well. Congratulation very good pictures.


  2. Wow! what great pics. so good to have that amazing place so close by and so good that teenage boys were interested to go with their gran. lots of love auntxoxoxo


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