Back in the Classroom – Term 2 Winding Down – Preparing for Term 3

Grade One as I have said many times in these blogs, is the most rewarding class to teach.  Watching the little ones grow and absorb knowledge like a sponge absorbs water is a daily thrill. At term’s end there is no letting up – they do not want to stop – they need to be in a routine and want to continue the learning!   So every activity we present must have a purpose – there is no doing anything just for the sake of it or to keep them occupied!

So while we continue with the normal daily routine we are also trying to get things ready for Term 3.

We learn all about space and shape in Mathematics and we see shapes in everyday things.  A great exercise for our Maths Book Cover for Term 3 therefore was to create our own colourful pictures by cutting and pasting shapes from bright sheets of paper.  What creative designs we came up with!


Lots of colours to choose from


Careful design work here


My teacher loves my gorgeous giraffe


This is so much fun


Lovely work, Birthday Girl


I’m done with my Space Scene!


I am proud of my work

Paper tearing is an excellent activity for little fingers.  It gets those tiny fine motor muscles in their three little pencil holding fingers fit for writing.  They were absorbed and quiet for ages as they tore and pasted scales on their fish for their Term 3 Literacy Book Cover.

What a lot of colours to choose from

What a lot of colours to choose from


Very interesting fish!


Does this remind you of Nemo?


My fingers are working hard here!


How am I doing?


Sticky fingers – lovely fish

Next week there will be NO HOMEWORK – but please continue to read to and with your girls.  Encourage Reading during the holidays too – shared reading I mean – it must be a pleasurable experience.

On Wednesday we have Parentline and I am looking forward to sharing with you how your daughters are progressing.   Please be punctual so we can make the most of our 10 minute slots!




One thought on “Back in the Classroom – Term 2 Winding Down – Preparing for Term 3

  1. What lovely colourful pictures the kids really seem to love their school and work. Hope they have a good holiday.


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