Back in the Classroom End of Term

The last week went well. Next term our books have feint lines. Now that we have mastered the essentials of letter formation, our teachers go and confuse us and tell us we now have to touch the lines and fill the spaces! To get us ready for this we have been working on paper so that our mistakes don’t spoil our lovely new books! The teachers call it suicide week but we are very tolerant of them and try hard to get it right before they burst into tears. Teachers are so sensitive and we wouldn’t want to disappoint them would we.
Our teacher has been a bit preoccupied this past week as she has had to get herself organised for her trip to Kruger National Park. Anyway she managed to teach us well enough, told our parents all about our talents at Parentline on Tuesday night and did some other stuff that teachers do at terms’ end – can’t imagine what but hopefully she will have her head together when we see her next term! We hugged her hard when we left on Friday and said we would really miss her. We saw a tear in her eye so perhaps she will miss us too.
She hasn’t got any photos for this blog as she is on the road to Kruger but we guess she will return with renewed energy next term. So moms and dads, have a great holiday with us kids, do lots of fun thing and remember to read with and to us!


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