Kruger National Park Day 16 and 17

Satara 14 July
I Had a very bad night last night because of my very sore back. I did some stretching exercises and then we hit the S100. Every bump in the road was an agony and my body language must have shown it all because Peter told Earl to stop and said he thought we should turn back so I could have a rest from sitting. Everyone agreed and I was grateful but said they should go out without me. I have seen everything in Kruger before and wanted them to go out and get me a photo of a leopard. They said they would but the didn’t! Instead we took a walk around the camp and saw some interesting birds. Then we went to the Mug ‘n Bean for breakfast. We spent the rest of the day in camp. Earl gave me a massage and I had a long sleep. I took some painkillers and this helped too.


Bateleur spotted before we returned


Grey-headed Sparrow in camp


Heath did chef duty

Satara to Lower Sabie 15 July
I was much better this morning. I did my exercises and took some more dicloflam. We left at 6:30 and made our way to Lower Sabie where we would be staying in the Safari Tents right next to the Sabie River.
The first part of our trip produced lovely birds and game.



Spider webs in the early morning mist

Lesser Striped Swallow

Lesser Striped Swallow

Good Morning

Good Morning

Lovely Day

Lovely Day

Here's looking at you kid

Here’s looking at you kid

A Tree with a View

A Tree with a View

Peek a Boo I see you

Peek a Boo I see you


Breakfast French Style





Bateleurs posing obligingly

Bateleurs posing obligingly

We stopped at Tshokwane for breakfast then did the Orpen Dam loop which was very fruitful.

Breakfast at Tshokwane

Breakfast at Tshokwane

Yellowbilled hornbill right next to me at Toshokwane

Yellow-billed hornbill right next to me at Toshokwane

A mousebird hiding in the foliage at Toshokwane

A mousebird hiding in the foliage at Toshokwane

There were lots of buffalo on the Orpen loop.


Salon Treatments are so relaxing


Just chewing on a blade of straw


Spider Webs in the early morning


Is that a grin or a grimace?

Crossing a ford we found these two kingfishers.





We found this gang at a waterhole

We found this gang at a waterhole


Yet another coucal


Fish Eagle on nest

Male sandgrouse with chick

Male sandgrouse with chick

There was not much on the tar road to Sabie but we stopped at Sunset Dam and had a wonderful hour watching the activity there. A fish eagle caught a fish. A tawny tried to take it away from him. He survived that attack only to have it taken by an adult fish eagle. Giraffe came down as well as impala and wildebeest. There were scores of crocodiles and hippo on the bank and the water birds gave us some lovely entertainment.

Our safari tents are not the same. Earl and I took the bigger one with a fantastic kitchen as we are the caterers. The front deck is also bigger and has a table for four but only 2 chairs. Luckily we brought camp chairs with us. Inside is very roomy and the bathroom is quite modern.
Heather and Peter have a smaller tent but the view is great. We think they might be gradually upgrading all the tents. Theirs is looking a bit the worse for wear. Hopefully in the next couple of years all the tents will be upgraded. I can highly recommend staying in the safari tents although during the day they are quite hot and at night they are cold. But extra blankets are provided. At suppertime it was pleasant on the deck. During the night the sound of the bush was deafening with hippo grunting, hyena laughing and jackals howling. Baboons barking added to the cacophony.

Here are some of the birds who came to visit.


Spectacled Weaver


Yellow Canary


LBJ – Could be a rattling cisticola

Glossy Starling

Glossy Starling





One thought on “Kruger National Park Day 16 and 17

  1. What amazing and beautiful birds. The colours are beautiful. The wild life was also lovely to see and you sure did have a great trip. I feel for you as I also had a back as bad and every bump from the car made it 100 times worse.


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