Back in the Classroom – Showing off to our Grandparents

We have been learning all about the seasons so as part of our Grandparents’ Day the Grade Ones gave a stage presentation all about what we know about the passing of time and the changing seasons.   Each class was responsible for a season, spoke about it, said a poem and we all sang a song about the seasons too.

My Girls singing their song

My girls singing the Seasons Song


One of the boys talking about Summer


Winter boys and Spring Girls


One Grandparent and Granddaughter photograph I managed to get.

My girls were very excited to don their daisy chains and do their bit for their grannies and grandpas. Unfortunately I did not get much of an opportunity to take photographs as I was having too much fun engaging with the grandparents when they visited us in the classroom.  They spent time with their little ones, looked at their books and wrote beautiful comments on their special page.

Many of them told me how impressed they were with our school, our principal and the happy atmosphere that there was in our institution.   School was never like this in their day, they told me!

Thanks to these very special people in our children’s lives for visiting us.  We believe that grandparents play a very important role in the lives of their grandchildren.   The little ones were thrilled to have you in the classroom.  We hope you enjoyed the tea and meeting the other grandparents and the teachers.



2 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – Showing off to our Grandparents

  1. Thank you for providing the opportunity to see our grandchildren on such a great day in their own classrooms etc. and for the really good tea and treats.The staff of SunValley are absolute stars.The grade Rs stole the show


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