Back in the Classroom – A Fieldtrip to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and A Pyjama Party

Although my energy levels are not up to their usual standard I am back into the full swing of school.   Wednesday saw us taking a field trip to Kirstenbosch Gardens – always a fabulous place to visit.

Spring in Kirstenbosch

Spring in Kirstenbosch

Ann and Andrea our facilitators were amazing.   They told the children all about our useful indigenous plants and how they use the flowers that grew in their own gardens to good use. The puppet show about Monty Mongoose and his friend Bushy the Squirrel went down a treat.


Enjoying the puppet show

There was no rule that said do not touch and the children used all their senses to give them the best learning experience on this field trip.  They listened to the sound of water, frogs and birds, felt the leaves between their fingers and smelled the fragrances of the flowers. They even got to taste the nectar!



Listening for the sounds of nature

Can you hear the frogs?

Can you hear the frogs?

It was wonderful to learn that a Strelitzia has been named after Nelson Mandela. It is called Mandela’s Gold.  The girls loved examining its beautiful flowers.


Mandela’s Gold in the background

Trees over 1oo years old are marked with a special badge as Kirstenbosch has just celebrated its centenary.


A tree over a 100 years old

The girls got to creep up on Egyptian Geese Parents and count their babies.  They started with thirteen but sadly there are now only seven.

IMG_8279Ann and Andrea knew that children this age need to move a great deal and they were allowed to jump over streams, off rocks and even roll down the grassy banks.

IMG_8305 IMG_8296 IMG_8265


It was a really fun outing and one I am sure the girls won’t forget in a hurry.

Our week ended with a Pyjama party on Friday night.  The parents got to have a couple of hours free of children while the teachers had a fun evening with their children.  I hope you all made good use of the time to recharge your batteries and bond.

Beginning the evening with Lego

Beginning the evening with Lego

Bonding with friends

Bonding with friends

Having Fun

Having Fun

Watching a Movie

Watching a Movie


One thought on “Back in the Classroom – A Fieldtrip to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and A Pyjama Party

  1. Gosh the pyjama party looked fun. Sure the kids enjoyed that. Kirstenbosch was beautiful with the green grass and all the beautiful flowers. What fun kids have today at school.


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