Struisbaai – A brief interlude

For the first time in four years we have stayed home for the school holidays. Well, the intention was to stay home for the school holidays and deal with stuff that term time does not allow time for.  For my sins I am involved in several ‘clubs’ and ‘organisations’ that need my attention – I won’t go into the boring details but I had things to do in this regard. In addition I had to deal with things like replacing a lost Identity document – that didn’t happen – queue hours long – it will have to wait till next year!

By Wednesday afternoon I had accomplished most of the things on the list and my darling husband couldn’t take it any longer and insisted that we shoot off to Struisbaai for the last few days remaining of the hols.  So much for a week at home!

But did I complain? Of course not – how fortunate are we to have this amazing place to visit whenever we feel like and time allows.  I packed in a rush and forgot my shoes and jerseys but hey – what’s wrong with bare feet?  And I got to go shopping in Struisbaai’s mini metropolis.

We arrived on Thursday evening and went straight to the  local Pizza Place and ordered Al Greco Pizzas to be collected once we’d unpacked.  Just before collection time we had a power cut!   Luckily our dinner was cooked in a wood fire oven.   They were delicious and having no electricity added to the ambience of our evening.

It is always a pleasure waking up in our little house in Struisbaai.  The sun poured in and I thought I would survive without my jersey.  I did have a light cardigan and jacket.  The sunshine did not last long – it clouded over and was quite chilly.  I felt a bit foolish in a cotton summer dress and long black cardigan. We went off to Potpourri for breakfast and the coffee soon warmed me.

The old man reading The Times

The old man reading The Times

Delicious breakfasts are served at Potpourri

Delicious breakfasts are served at Potpourri

The purpose of our sojourn was for Earl to do some urgent chores at the house – i.e. put up a 9DB aerial and a weather station.  Don’t ask!   It’s all to do with talking to the boats at sea.

Friends in Struisbaai picked up on something I posted on Facebook and made contact. They live in Abu Dhabi and Ray is a friend of Earl’s.  I had only met Percilla online.  They were here to take up residence in a holiday apartment they have just purchased.  So we arranged to braai together on Thursday night.  What a great eveing.  We caught up on their romantic story and how life is treating them in The Middle East.  They plan to retire in a year or two and will then spend more time in Struisbaai.  Looks like they have similar plans to ours.   Thanks for a stunning evening, Ray and Percilla.

The boys at the braai

The boys at the braai

Young and in love

The Newlyweds!

On Friday Earl had to sort out some details with the council so after cooking us a delicious brekkie he dropped me off to wander around the Struisbaai Metropolis.  I popped in to visit friends who have a wonderful gift shop, Southbound, here. Then I found a shop that looked like it might have a jersey or t-shirt suitable for an old lady.   By this time Earl had joined me and let me get two cotton jackets, a pair of pants and a boy’s long sleeved T.   So I didn’t have to completely freeze my toes off for the rest of the weekend!  As Murphy’s law would have it, Saturday was a beautifully sunny and warm day.  But the evenings are a still chilly!

We ventured to the beach on Friday but didn’t stay long as it was freezing.

Our dinner on Friday night, cooked by my personal chef –  shellfish stir fried into sweet potato and onion. To die for doll.

My special chef

My special chef


This morning, Earl cooked up a delicious breakfast and we relaxed for most of the day – well, I relaxed and Earl pottered around doing stuff.   I did update the inventory and entertain a few people who popped in – namely Steven and his wife and child who are looking for property, some staff members of Earl’s who were up to do a spot of fishing and the grandchildren of the guy who came to fix the electricity – our main circuit breaker burned out! Earl couldn’t fix it himself as it was the Municipality’s jurisdiction.

I don’t think it’s a good thing for a 70 year old grandfather to do all the things Earl does but he thinks I’m crazy when I tell him to be careful. There’s no stopping him.

What can possibly go wrong?

What can possibly go wrong?

After he’d fussed around the place for hours I managed to persuade him to do a spot of bird watching.  Some we found in our garden or around Struis – the rest on the road to Die Dam.

Cape Bulbul outside our house

Cape Bulbul outside our house


Cape Sugarbird in our Milkwood tree




Tortoise visiting our garden

Tortoise visiting our garden (I know it’s not a bird!)

Forest Canary on our lawn

Forest Canary on our lawn




Common Fiscal on our drive

Common Fiscal

Weavers Nests

Weavers Nests

Kittlitz's Plover

Kittlitz’s Plover



Capped Wheatear


Grey Rhebok

We saw lots of other birds but they refused to sit still for their portraits to be taken. But we enjoyed the bokmakieries, sparrows, weavers, lapwings etc that were enjoying the bounty of the farmlands.There were lots of yellow-billed kites and we also saw a black-shouldered. Jackal Buzzards were conspicuous by their absence! We usually see lots.

We spotted Denham’s bustards way in the distance – nice view through binoculars but only blurred photographs – not good enough to post.

So tomorrow is our last day and rain is predicted.   We will probably pack up early and head home.  Back to school on Monday – my last term before I retire.  Mixed feelings about that!


3 thoughts on “Struisbaai – A brief interlude

  1. You amaze me your short holiday always seems to turn into such an adventure. What beautiful birds and how beautiful they looked. Thinking Earl does not need to be on that roof but hey he did it. Congratulations last term and then retirement. Well done.


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