Back in the Classroom – Three weeks of fun and work

Yes, I know I haven’t blogged for three weeks!  And how those weeks have flown!

I think I am in denial and want the last weeks of this year to fold out slowly.  I need to savour every moment and to enjoy my last term of class teaching.   The fourth term – a time that is so rewarding for a Grade One teacher while at the same time making her little sad that these little ones who have come so far will gleefully be going on to a new teacher the following year!

We have thrown ourselves right into this final term.   Over the first weekend back the teachers attended an inspiring course (e-colors in Education) which our parents and pupils will hear about all to soon in the new year.  In brief we all learned how to profile our personalities and the got to grips with understanding ourselves and our colleagues better. It was the best workshop I have attended in my entire teaching career.

In the classroom the girls are striding ahead faster than ever.  We have learnt about money, time and maps.  Homes are our topic for Life Skills. Our reading is bounding at a terrific pace and we have leapt from writing just our news to putting our creative thoughts down on paper.

Assessments have begun and I am confident that all the girls are well and truly ready for Grade Two.


The Red-Yellows – Socialising doers – reporting back on their strengths and potential limiters


Creating a die to help teach us the different coins


Budding Cartographers


An elaborate map


I know where I am going


Just follow the yellow brick road


I can find my way


Such architecture!


Different types of homes


An elaborate building


Busily building all kinds of homes


I’m proud of my construction


Friends help each other read


Lets work it out together


I’ll read first, then it’s your turn

One thought on “Back in the Classroom – Three weeks of fun and work

  1. How wonderful to know that you can still learn all about school and what to do. Sounds like you teachers enjoyed it very much. Your happy little faces are going to miss you soon. Sure you all need a holiday after this year. Blessings.


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