Back in the Classroom – Don’t mess with my Civvies Day, Teacher!

Teaching Grade One has been the biggest adventure of my life. I have loved every second and learnt more from the children than they have from me. I try to keep in their good books as much as they try to keep in mine and so far I think I have been pretty good – until yesterday! Let me explain.
Assembly is tough for Grade One – Good Heavens you have to sit still for so long! Yes there are movement songs and fun things to do in between the spells of sitting and being good but so much of it is higher grade thinking. So the principal gives us incentives to be good and after three perfect behaviour assemblies you get to come to school in mufti (civvies to the kiddies) So after last week’s assembly the little girls were informed that on the following Friday they could come to school in their prettiest clothes. The excitement was great but Time is not a strong point for these young geniuses. So of course Teacher writes in the diary or reminds them the day before that the day for the favour has arrived. Except that in our case The Teacher was held up in a meeting for the last part of the day and a GAP dismissed the class. NO reminder in diary and no verbal reminder! Uh oh! Well 26 out of the 31 remembered and arrived all excited and out of control in their stunning attire but 5 did not! Teacher apologized to said princesses and begged forgiveness. Five very different reactions – Laid back O laughed it off and was cool with being in uniform. Another was clearly annoyed but got over it pretty quickly – a more sensitive miss was devastated and burst into tears but accepted a comforting hug. But the fourth was fu-ri-ous and in spite of being offered a treat the following Monday – refused to talk to Teacher and just glowered at her. The fifth one arrived a tad late and refused to enter the classroom until I told her a treat was in store then she quickly got over it and bounced in. The secretary arrived with a message and I confided to her that I was in the dog box. Kind hearted as she is, she said she’d fix it and sms’d the mommies and daddies and before long parcels of clothing arrived to all except one. Hugs and smiles returned and Teacher was back in favour! Phew – thanks Michele! There is no wrath worse than that of a child deprived of her civvies day!
The one whose parents simply could not get to school was rewarded with a treat and that made up for everything, forgiving little soul that she is!
No photographs today, parents, but watch this space – we had a wonderful outing to Rondevlei on Thursday but they’re still in the process of being downloaded onto the school system and I am currently away from the weekend without the memory card.
The term is fast drawing to a close. My career is fast drawing to an end! I am savouring every remaining moment and enjoying my little girls so much.
I have been preparing final reports and awards ceromony certificates and the process has reminded me how far our girls have come. What a privilege to have been part of the process.
Parents please make every effort to be at our last assembly on Friday – It’s going to be a good one!


3 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – Don’t mess with my Civvies Day, Teacher!

  1. Oh my teacher why did you forget Civvie Day? I think you are now forgiven and we are looking forward to seeing all the lovely pictures. Sure you are sad and also please that your school days are almost over and you can relax and enjoy a day in bed. Will miss all your wonderful Blogs.


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