Back in the Classroom – Outing to Rondevlei, Gala and Birthday

As promised here is the report about our amazing field trip to Rondevlei.

The Rondevlei Nature Reserve is located in Grassy Park, Zeekoevlei and Lavenderhill, suburbs of Cape Town. The bird sanctuary covers approximately 290 hectares of mostly permanent wetland and consists of a single large brackish lagoon which attracts many water birds.

Once again Ann and Andrea were there to present a puppet show and teach the children about the importance of wetlands.  After this there was a nature walk, a climb up a tall tower giving us a bird’s eye view of the vlei and a  visit to one or two of the hides.

The children had an amazing time and surprised their teachers and guides with their informed answers to questions and interest in their environment.


Ready for the puppet show



Monty helped a baby Spoonbill find his mom. “Look at my beak and look at my feet. Go and find some other birds to meet.”


Enjoying a picnic in a beautiful setting


We learnt about creatures other than birds too.


It was fun in the hides.

Other than going to places far and wide we have been preparing for our Assembly presentation of the Dr Seuss stories we’ve been reading.  What fun the children had reciting extracts from The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, The Lorax and Gertrude Mc Fuzz.  Our class made bird masks and two performed the part of Gertrude and Lolla Lee Lou.   And how well they did that.  We also had some solo singers for “Let it grow.”  The teachers were very proud of their performance on Friday.

Gertrude Mc Fuzz and Lolla Lee Lou

Gertrude Mc Fuzz and Lolla Lee Lou

The entire cast

The entire cast singing Let it Grow from The Lorax

Friday was an exciting day as we also had our Foundation Phase Gala straight after Assembly.  Imagine the excitement!  There were championship races and then the Fun Races.  The Grade Ones were supported by the Grade 7 life savers as they swam a width, claimed a pair of socks and put them on their wet hands and then swam back again.  The little ones were safe but I did fear for the life saver when one decided to ride on his back!


Ready to swim!


I have my goggles


Ready with the life savers


Am I winning?


Keep kicking


Get those socks on

The Champions

The Champions


And to add to all the excitement the girls somehow got wind of the fact that it was my birthday next day.  So there were gifts to open and cake to be consumed!  This had to wait till right at the end of a long and exhausting day.  Thank you parents for allowing your children to spoil me.


Pretty little creatures


She knows I like owls!


A complimentary card


Such pretty mugs inside – thank you Michaela


I was just too spoiled




2 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – Outing to Rondevlei, Gala and Birthday

  1. Your children are sure going to miss you Helen. So wonderful of them to give you lovely gifts for your birthday. The swimming and Rondevlei looked so exciting. Hope you all have a very Happy Holiday and a Blessed and Good Christmas. Good luck for the new year. Blessings to all.


  2. So pleased your children spoilt you,you deserve it my darling niece. No doubt there will be a few tears at term’s end, do not forget the tissues!!!
    Loved all your school blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

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