Struisbaai Gathering of Three Generations – Day 3

Yes – Today dawned bright and still, heralding good fishing conditions.  Earl, Lauren, Jay, Josh and Simon were on the sea by 7 o’clock and were lucky enough to spot dolphins and flying fish!  I could be persuaded to board a boat to see that!   The fishing was not too shabby either.   Grandpa got a lovely red roman and the others were happy to get a few silver fish.   The bad news – they were all sea-sick except for Jay and Gramps!   But they did not suffer long and were back on land by 9:30.


Red Roman


Some of the silver fish


Jay, Simon, Lauren and Josh (looking a bit green about the gills)

After the fishing excursion the wind got up but the kids went off to the beach and spent some time there.  Lolz, Annie and I went down for a while but were soon blown back home.

For lunch we enjoyed Earlie’s fabulous fried fish and later in the day the kids headed back to the beach for a swim.

Master Chef of Struisbaai

Master Chef of Struisbaai


Finger food

We had a little mishap with a little sugarbird today.  It flew against a closed window and stunned itself.  Jay picked it up with a dish towel and rubbed it a bit. It just lay in a stupor but slowly started to flick its wings and eventually flew onto some washing hanging on the line.  Eventually it felt strong enough to take shelter at the top of the milkwood tree.   I do hope its headache is over soon!  We must put those lovely stickers I received as a gift onto those windows soon.

Concussed female sugarbird

Concussed female sugarbird


Let me rest a while

What just happened?

What just happened?


A malachite sunbird in transitional plumage looks on


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