Struisbaai Gathering of Three Generations – Swimming, Shopping and Fishing

A perfect fishing day dawned again.  Earl, Allan and Lauren got up at a very rude hour and quietly slunk off to sea, the latter two having dosed on sea-sick medication the night before!

My rising time, though not as bad mannered as theirs, might have seemed a little extreme to some.  The young ones groaned when I cheerfully encouraged them to join me on the beach for a walk and swim.  “Meet me there,” I called and left them to dawdle over bowls of Otees and debate as to whether or not it was worth the effort.

Once again it was a blissful morning made better that the masses had not yet arrived.   I left my camera behind and regretted it when I spotted a rock kestrel on top of a “Christmas Tree” and then an oystercatcher on the shore line.  By the time I was on my return lap down the beach, Simon and Josh appeared to look after my towel and glasses while I went in for a dip. Heavenly – the sea was calm and clear with hardly a ripple.  A mom and daughter started chatting to me and asked if I were local.  It was their first visit and they were delighted that they’d decided to camp here this year.

Struisbaai is indeed an idyllic place for a holiday. It’s off the beaten track and still a fairly well-kept secret although it’s grown tremendously since my introduction to it in 1982.

It was about quarter past nine when the boys and I returned home with croissants from OK Grocer’s bakery for breakfast(This has got to stop before I gain a ton!)  An hour later the fisherfolk pulled in. Lauren had the biggest and best fish!

Lauren's Fish

Lauren’s Fish

The females of the family decided to bond before lunch and how better to do that than to go shopping!  Yes in Struisbaai!   A new clothing store, Beach Bliss, opened just a week ago and is superbly stocked for men, women and children.

Beach Bliss

Beach Bliss

Wanien is the owner and there is something for everybody

Wanien is the owner and there is something for everybody

What do you think, Gran?

What do you think, Gran?

This one .....

This one …..


Or this?

We got quite a few items for Shannon – Christmas presents –  so she’ll have to wait to wear them!   Lisa and Lauren also got one or two things and I bought a beach bag.

We were almost done when Earl phoned to find out where we were. Not to be outdone we got him some new stuff too – from another lovely shop in the mall.


Earl in his new shorts and shirt

All that shopping is thirsty work so we stopped at Cafe dul Sud for coffee/milkshakes.


Two Strawberry milkshakes, one chocolate a Cappuccino and black for me please!

The girls headed home while Earl and I went to chat to our friends Lynn and Glyn who have a gift shop, Due South, in the mall. We also popped into the nursery coffee shop to get a Christmas loaf for tea.

Friendly Girl in the coffee shop

Friendly Girl in the nursery/coffee shop



Coffee shop

Coffee shop

South Bound

South Bound – a wonderful place to browse

We’ve been looking for a suitable bird feeder and found one a quaint little craft shop which sells all kinds of locally made stuff.

We love it's name and the notice outside

We love it’s name and the notice outside – Not made in China – Buy from your own people.

What a surprise to arrive home to the smell of fresh fish frying in the pan.  Lauren has taken on the mantle from her dad!  It was delicious – the young ones had the nerve to say – Even better than yours, Grandpa! Well equally as good anyway!

What a super star

What a super star – She caught it – She cooked it

The beach was our next port of call – after 3:30 to avoid the harmful UV rays.   And wow – the water was divine – I usually don’t stay in for more than 10 minutes but I just didn’t want to get out this afternoon and the kids were even worse.

The sea was extra blue today

The sea was extra blue today

Kites were flying

Kites were flying


It’s amazing, Gran!

Shannon got busy with my bird stickers when we got back and they are a-ma-zing.  Thanks you Leah for a wonderful gift.

Difficult to photograph but this one came out quite well!

Difficult to photograph but this one came out quite well!

So ended another lousy day in Africa!   Tomorrow Earl and I are making an early start to go bird watching with a local expert.  Watch this space!


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