Kokstad Kids in Cape Town – Laurie’s Birthday Breakfast

Today Lolz turned 35! And I still call her Baby.   Yesterday she decided that she would like to have a small gathering of family to celebrate with a Champagne Breakfast.   Sooo it was up bright and early to get the show on the road!    I made three batches of no carb quiches from a recipe somebody shared on Facebook.  Most of them turned out well but some did not want to pop out perfectly!

Laurie and Josh were at the shops just after opening time, Shannon and I prepared the table and all we had to do then was make the fruit salad and arrange the platters- a wonderfully easy way to entertain.

The Birthday Girl with her pressies

The Birthday Girl with her pressies

Aunt, Mother, Lolz

Aunt Glynis, Me, Lolz

Sisters, Uncle

Uncle Ian, Sisters – Lisa and Lauren


Table set and ready


Croissants, Ham and Cheeses, Fruit Salad, Muesli, Yogurt and Muffins and the quiches  were on the menu

Tucking in

Granny Bates, Lisa, Josh (hidden) Dad (Earl), Shannon, Simon, Uncle Ian,  Dad (Duncan)



Dad Duncan, Glynis, Lolz

Dad (Duncan), Aunt Glynis, Lolz

Drinking pink chamagne

Drinking pink champagne

I did not manage to get a good photograph of Laurie with her grandmother so I am posting one taken in October.  Enid still lives in the house that she’s called home since she was first married.  And she maintains it and the garden immaculately without help.

Laurie (35) and Granny Bates (93)

Granny Bates (93) and Laurie (35)

The wind was howling again in our neck of the woods but our pool area is sheltered so the kids spent most of the time in and out of the water this afternoon.   Some of the adults in the household snoozed off the effects of breakfast while others did some necessary chores.

I did the preparations for supper and then Lauren, Allan, Earl and I went off to Dixie’s for sundowners.   The wind was so strong we could barely open the car doors and the sea was turbulent.  We ordered our drinks and then shared two starters – chicken livers and bitter bolletjies – which are what I always knew as Dutch Croquettes.  In the past the latter were served at Dixie’s in a sausage shape. Bitter bolletjies are little meat balls and equally delicious.  They can be  made with fresh  veal or leftover chicken or turkey.

The Parents

The Parents

Lauren and Allan enjoying the Cape Town Lifestyle

Lauren and Allan enjoying the Cape Town Lifestyle

After a pleasant hour or so we returned to cook the Bobotie and feed the rest of the starving family. Simon declared that he only wanted a little – “I’m not that hungry, Gran.”  He wolfed that down and then decided it was quite nice and had twice as much for his second helping!

Everyone was pretty tired so it was early to bed!




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