Kokstad Kids in Cape Town – Family Lunch for Fourteen

Today we had John and Carly and John’s daughter and son-in-law, Carmen and Dave round for a family lunch.  Earl braaied the yellowtail that Simon caught yesterday. I did a Greek leg of lamb in the oven.   I also made a sweet potato and spinach au gratin.   Earl did his famous gem squash in the oven under my roast. We also served a Greek Salad and had fruit salad and ice cream for dessert.

Simon helping Grandpa braai his fish

Simon helping Grandpa braai his fish

We hadn’t seen the Stones who live in Stellenbosch for some time so it was a very happy family reunion.  It was the first time meeting Carmen and Dave’s baby, Ryan who is now 21 months.   He is the cutest little thing and was so well behaved.  The only time he made a fuss was when he had to say goodbye to his grandpa!


Carmen, John, Ryan, Earl

John and Carly are both looking very well.  Carly told us that her treatment is now over and there is little likelihood of the cancer returning. They were held up at gunpoint in their home last year and although it was really traumatic they handled it well and are just grateful that they weren’t badly hurt.  The intruders were subsequently caught but the only item returned was John’s watch.

Carmen and Lolz

Carmen and Lolz

Carly and Lauren

Carly and Lauren

IMG_1533 IMG_1531

It was lovely for Lauren to catch up with her uncle and cousin whom she hasn’t seen for a while.

They all left at about 4:00 p.m. and then Lauren and Lisa took the kids ten-pin bowling at Stadium on Main.

It was the last day of having the kids with us.  They leave tomorrow at 3:00 am.


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