Caravanning in The Kgalagadi – Mata Mata Saturday 14 March 2015

Today is our last day at Mata Mata.   We go for a very short drive and return at lunchtime.

Maureen is first in the queue and I am second as Des is packing to leave today.   We dash off to get to those waterholes early and are well rewarded when we come upon a lioness at Dalkeith.   We spend a good few minutes watching her drink and then she goes to  a tree to mark her territory before loping off.  We follow her until she disappears over the ridge.

005 Lion Helen 2015-03-14 07-22-54 AM 800x600 005 Lion Helen 2015-03-14 07-18-51 AM 800x600 005 Lion Helen 2015-03-14 07-18-38 AM 800x601 005 lion Helen 2015-03-14 07-18-13 AM 800x601 005 Lion Earl 2015-03-14 07-17-57 AM 800x600

There are giraffe, a secretary bird and a jackal at 13th Waterhole and we get some photographs.

004 Giraffe Helen 2015-03-14 07-50-39 AM 4608x3456003 Jackal Earl 2015-03-14 07-48-55 AM 4752x3168

Later we find a Martial Eagle 006 Martial Eagle Helen 2015-03-14 08-31-16 AM 2621x1961and shortly after that a young couple stop us to point out a PCG on the ridge – There’s also a cobra next to him  they tell us.  We watch and see the snake catch a lizard but he is too big for the PCG to handle.   Jim and Maureen see the snake come rapidly down the slope and try to warn us that it is trying to get onto our tyres.  Earl moves just in time and then it makes its way toward their car but they too move off rapidly.

007 PCG and Snake Earl 2015-03-14 09-42-59 AM 3163x2108007 Snake Helen 2015-03-14 09-46-29 AM 2618x1965 007 Snake Helen 2015-03-14 09-46-35 AM 2618x1965

We need to pack up camp so return and cook breakfast in camp.


One thought on “Caravanning in The Kgalagadi – Mata Mata Saturday 14 March 2015

  1. Eeeek I hate snakes. Thank goodness he did not get onto your tyre. Once we had a snake in the engine. Horrible, I did not want to drive in the car at all. Animals are lovely you are having a good time.

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