Caravanning in the Kgalagadi Sunday 22 March 2015

We are up early and it looks like we will be having a fine day.   First up we find an owl in the tree next to the waterhole.   I think it must be a juvenile as it letting out a high pitched scream as if calling for Mom.

001 Juvenile Vereaux's Eage-owl Helen Powershot 2015-03-22 07-15-31 AM 4608x3456001 Vereaux's Screech Helen Powershot 2015-03-22 07-16-07 AM 4608x3456

We hope the lions from last night make an appearance but no luck.  We watch the lanner trying to catch a breakfast of doves but he has no luck either.

After a while we decide to make our way North stopping first at the broken waterhole.  It is sad to see the animals come down in anticipation of a drink and leave again, thirsty.

IMG_0051There is nothing to see at Kannaguass either so we continue towards Union’s End.   We find the Ludwig’s Bustard but once again too far away to get good photographs.

We stop at Lyjersdraai picnic site for a loo break and then continue stopping when we spot a PGC on a kill.   We manage to get good pics of him with his delicious snake.

004 PCG with snake Helen Powershot 2015-03-22 11-09-24 AM 2618x1965004 PCG with snake in tree Helen Powershot 2015-03-22 11-10-11 AM 4608x3456

We spend the rest of the afternoon in camp.  It is very hot and even the birds and mice have gone to ground. We do find a yellow-bellied eromomela in the tree.  After a nap we go out again at 5.  The lions do not appear.

We invite Jeanette and Daan from Camp Site 3 to join us for a braai and have a lovely evening with them.   Clouds have built up and there is thunder and lightning but the evening is still warm to 9:15 when a wind swirls up and the temperature drops. We decide it is best to get into our caravans as soon as possible and then the heavens open.  We are tucked up warmly while we listen to the thunder and the pelting rain!  Oh dear and we’re supposed to break camp and move to site 1 tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Caravanning in the Kgalagadi Sunday 22 March 2015

  1. I hope you enjoy being inside the Caravan when the weather is so bad. Bit scarey with that wind though. Enjoy the next move and hope you see more animals.


  2. What an incredible trip my darling and so well described and brilliant photos as usual, the writing talent is surely inherited from your gran time to think about writing a book what!! Love you Auntxoxoxo

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