Caravanning in the Kgalagadi Polentswa Thursday 26 March 2015

Thursday 26 march 2015

It is a lovely morning once again and we go out for an early morning drive.  The owl is in his usual place, screaming for food from Mom.

002 Vereaux's Screeching 2015-03-26 07-02-30 AM 3168x4752

We drive 5 km north and then turn around and go to Koussant Water Hole but do not see anything too exciting.  We enjoy the birds, however, and are delighted to see that there is so much water around.  The KTP really needed these rains. It does mean that the animals don’t need to come to the waterholes and are making themselves scarce.   There is quite a bit of devastation after the storm and we find blown down trees across the road. Fortunately there are detours that we can take round therm.

001 Good Morning KTP 2015-03-26 06-45-26 AM 4752x3168 003 Tree across the road 2015-03-26 08-08-45 AM 4608x3456

We are once again fascinated to find water birds in the dessert.  Isn’t it amazing how creatures instinctively know where there are new water venues!  We have fun watching the jacana hawking in a puddle in the middle of the road.

005 Jacana Helen 2015-03-26 09-13-12 AM 3037x2426

005 Greenshank Helen 2015-03-26 05-15-42 PM 2618x2141

Not often seen in the Kgalagadi - A juvenile black-winged stilt

Not often seen in the Kgalagadi – A juvenile black-winged stilt

We return to camp for brunch and have bacon and egg sandwiches.  Later in the afternoon, M and J decide to stay in camp to complete their packing and Earl and I go for a birding drive.   The results can be seen in the photographs below!

Red Hartebeest confrontation

Red Hartebeest confrontation

Three-banded plover

Three-banded plover

scaly-feathered finch

scaly-feathered finch

Familiar Chat

Familiar Chat

Lesser Grey Shrike

Lesser Grey Shrike


One thought on “Caravanning in the Kgalagadi Polentswa Thursday 26 March 2015

  1. Sure is a lot of water around and that owl is lovely. That tree was massive so hope they managed to clear it. Loved the two buck what a lovely colour they are.

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