Caravanning in The Kgalagadi Friday 27 March 2015 Polentswa to Twee Rivieren

Friday 27 march 2015 polentswa to twee rivieren

It is a long drive to Twee Rivieren and we are packed up and ready to leave by 6:40.   We stop off at Nossob to refuel and find out if the road south has suffered any damage from the storm  There is no diesel!  Fortunately we have enough to get us there with some to spare!

The sightings are mainly bird.  There are the usual gemsbok, springbok and plenty of red hartebeest about but otherwise nothing particularly exciting.   The pictures below will tell the story.

Red Hartebeest

Red Hartebeest

002 Melkvlei Flooded 2015-03-27 11-16-07 AM 4608x3456 004 Black-chested Snake-eagle HELEN 2015-03-27 12-13-22 PM 2618x1966

We find the campsite very full at TR.   Our site is small and we are cheek to jowl with other campers but we all have sufficient shade.  We do not have an electrical outlet nearby but we have two long leads and so the men make a plan with a long extension lead.

006 Imagine Comfort Van at Twee Rivieren 2015-03-27 02-41-09 PM 3069x2304

Once we have unpacked we check in at reception and then drive 5km to the Kgalagadi Safari Lodge where they have a wonderful shop with fresh produce!  What a treat to find a variety of fruit and vegetables as well as bread, yogurt and plenty of other things that are unavailable in the park!  We are like kids in a candy store as we pick and choose – goodbye canned food!


After our shopping we sit on the deck and enjoy sundowners before returning to camp.


To our surprise and delight we find that the Bush Lapa Caravan next to our site belongs to Daan and Jeanette. We do not realise it is theirs until they return from their game drive.  It is their last night in the park and we all braai together – Maureen does the butternut, Jeanette the potato salad and I make a Greek Salad.   We have a delightful evening around Jeanette and Daan’s table and a firm friendship is forged.  Hopefully we will catch up with them in Wellington sometime in the future.

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