Visiting the Kids in Kokstad – The First Week

Thursday 16 April 2015 Mountain Zebra to Kokstad

It is freeing when we wake up – 3 degrees C.   We get up quickly and pack, take the keys back to reception, get our exit papers and leave the park.  Earl is suffering from Gout again and we have no medication so we stop in Queenstown, find a pharmacist who gives us a special combination of tablets to be taken every two hours.  Fortunately this helps.  We then go to Wimpy for breakfast. The parking attendant begs us to bring him a hot coffee when we return!   There is a power outage but we manage to enjoy an omelette and coffee and remember to take the car guard his order too.  He is over the moon with gratefulness.

The rest of the trip to Kokstad is reasonably uneventful for Transkei and KZN roads.   We play dodge the pothole for an hour or so and then the roads improve. We arrive at Lauren’s at 3:30.  Alan is there to welcome us and the rest of the family arrive home from school a few minutes later.  They’d seen us on the road in but Earl says he was probably concentrating too hard on the road to notice.

It was really cold so Alan lit a fire and we spent the afternoon chatting and enjoying our rural family.

Friday 17 April 2015 Kokstad

The weather has not warmed up and we slept under an extra blanket last night.   Lauren will put an electric blanket on our bed tonight.   The kids woke us up with a lovely cup of hot coffee and then Lauren and Shannon went off to school. Simon said he wasn’t feeling well so Lauren allowed him to take the day off.   I think he just couldn’t pull himself away from Granny and Grandpa.  His dad made him have a sleep at midday though.   He said he was tired and needed a rest. After breakfast we walked up the hill with Alan and he showed us where they plan to build their new house if they don’t move to the Midlands. It will have a fabulous view of the valley. Later we went to town to get some warm t-shirts for Earl.  We bumped into Ann in Woolworths.

IMG_1260 IMG_1262 IMG_1267

Saturday 18 April 2015 Shan’s hockey match

The skies were clear and sunny this morning and I hoped for a higher temperature.  But that was not to be!  There was frost on the ground early this morning.  Lauren and Alan woke us with our usual hot cup of coffee and then informed us of the plans for the day.   Shannon was at Bible Camp but had a hockey match so we all went off to support her.  I made sure to dress in a denim skirt, tights and boots with a warm jacket and felt quite comfortable while I watched Shan captain her team.

After the match we went to The Wimpy for breakfast and then back to the farm where we relaxed for the rest of the day.

IMG_1285 IMG_1289 IMG_1322

Sunday 19 April 2015 visit to Glynis and Hilton

Earl, Simon and I went to visit Glynis and Hilton at their beautiful home in town this morning.   It was a tad warmer and we sat outdoors to enjoy a cup of tea and chat with them.  Hilton and Earl have both their careers and hobbies in common.  It was interesting to note that Hilton had also just bought a Land Rover Disco 4 although he had the more luxurious SE model.

Lauren and Shannon joined us at lunchtime and Glynis organised Nando’s chicken for lunch.  We had a really good time.

Monday 20 April 2015 lunch at the Mackenzies

Before we made our way to Brooklyn Farm we stopped at Imbali Guest House for breakfast.  We bumped into Patty and Brian Clarke there.  Patty walked in first and chatted to us and then Brian came in – he greeted us but we could see he didn’t quite know who we were.   Patty reminded him that we were Lauren’s parents and then he came over to chat!

The weather was much warmer today.  We sat on the patio in the sunshine and it was really pleasant.  Ann’s two little ones were spending the day with Granny. They are too cute and we enjoyed watching them play.   Caitlyn is almost five and James is three.  She is a real little girl and loves to wear dresses and is totally into pink and fairies. James is a typical Kokstad farm boy!


Caitlyn and James having fun


Barbara and Me enjoying a chat


Great-Uncle Earl showing the kids pictures of his fish

Murray joined us for lunch and then took Earl and Andrew to the dairy at which he works to see the milking. Earl was hugely impressed with the technology and the perfect running of the plant.

We shopped for dinner on our way home and I cooked a bobotie for supper.

Tuesday 21 April 2015 Trip to Durban

This morning we were woken once again with excellent coffee and rusks. Lauren then went off to school with Simon and left Shannon to sleep a little longer.  She returned at quarter to nine and off we went to take Shan to Musgrave Medical Centre to consult a maxilla facial specialist. She has been having problem chewing and her jaw gets sore from time to time.

The plan was to meet up with Niru and have lunch with her while L and S were at the doctor’s.  It is a 3 hour trip to Durban. The weather was lovely.  I was at last able to wear a summer dress although I started with leggings and a jersey in the early morning.  They came off well before we hit Durban.

We stopped at Port Shepstone to refuel and get muffins and coffee for breakfast and arrived at Musgrave at around 12:15.  We parked at the medical centre and then walked to Musgrave Mall.  A quick call to Niru and w met at Woolworths Coffee Shop. Lauren and Shan ordered quickly and then left while we stayed to chat and have a meal with Niru.  It was so good to catch up with all her news. The kids are doing well and they’ve just had an amazing holiday in Thailand.

Niru and Me at Woolworths Coffee Shop, Musgrave

Niru and Me at Woolworths Coffee Shop, Musgrave

Lauren and Shannon were done by 2:00 p.m. so we walked back to our parking and then made our way to Shirley to pick up a donation of four boxes of clothing for a charity that Andrew supports.  We had tea with them and then were back on the road.

Grandfathe and Granddaughter sharing a joke

Grandfather and Granddaughter sharing a joke

It was not a bad trip at all. Simon was with Nicoline and Sean so we stopped by there to pick him up, had a quick drink with them and were back home at 6:45.  Alan had a delicious stew ready for our dinner.   We were quite tired so were in bed by 9.


One thought on “Visiting the Kids in Kokstad – The First Week

  1. Well it seems as if your holiday was really wonderful. Look forward to the next adventure. Enjoy.


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