A Quick Visit to Hluhluwe Day 3 and back to Kokstad

Friday 1 May 2015

Today we celebrate Workers’ Day with a public holiday.   We thought this would mean less traffic on the roads but that was wishful thinking.

We got up early and then went to have breakfast at the restaurant.  While we were waiting for them to open we watched the crested guineafowl pecking about the gardens for food.  There were also baboons about and we could hear an angry one barking.  I had the camera to my eye when Earl spotted him walk right past me.  I wasn’t aware of him at all and fortunately he didn’t try to hurt me

IMG_1941-001 IMG_1942 IMG_1949

On the way out we found baboon on the road as well as some Nyala.IMG_1968 IMG_1977 IMG_1980 IMG_1981

On the way home through the Durban traffic we stopped off for lunch and to shop for the ingredients I needed for Andrew’s birthday celebration tomorrow.   We arrived back at Lauren’s at about 3:30.

I made my dips for the party – tsatsiki and humus but my guacamole did not work out well – it was very bitter.  Earl said he would buy more avos tomorrow and I could start again.  I don’t think it will be necessary as we really have enough dips for my crudités

Lauren took the kids to the Circus.  I was not able to eat supper after eating a breakfast of eggs, bacon and tomato and a chicken salad for lunch.  This is Banting!  You just don’t get hungry!


One thought on “A Quick Visit to Hluhluwe Day 3 and back to Kokstad

  1. Don’t get too thin with the Banting Diet. The Baboons would have scared me to death I am scared of those guys. Hope the dips were enjoyable.


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