Sani Valley Fly-Fishing and Game Lodge Day 1

Monday 4 May 2015 Sani Valley Lodge

It was chilly this morning but the sun was shining brightly.   I checked the forecast and it looks like we’re going to have sunny weather for our 3 days at Sani Valley Lodge.

We left around 10ish and enjoyed the scenic drive to Underberg.  Wow but those mountains are beautiful.


Long crested eagles were on many of the poles along the way.


Showing his crest


Looking for prey

In Underberg we shopped for supplies and fishing tackle.   The Spar shop is great but the parking is cramped. The new centre just outside of town has failed miserably. Apparently somebody from Kokstad has now bought it and hopefully people will support the shops there.   The story goes that the previous owner did not get the locals on his side and they boycotted him.  If this centre takes off, it will be fabulous as there is plenty of easy parking.  I think Spar should think about moving in where the previous supermarket was.

The approach to the lodge is always interesting. The views of the dams are stunning and we usually see some bird and animal life.

Pied kingfisher

Pied kingfisher

Common Fiscal

Common Fiscal

Black-headed heron

Black-headed heron

Buff-streaked chat

Buff-streaked chat


View across to the boathouse

Fabulous views

The bottom dams

We met a number of other visitors at reception – all arriving around 1:30 for checking in at 2.   Our lodge is Sunset 1 – upstairs to 2 and 3.    We have a German couple for neighbours and this is their first visit here and to South Africa.  They have done the Western Cape – Cape Town, the wine route and garden route.   They are loving their trip.

On arrival at our lodge we found zebra grazing on the lawn – how cool is that!   There was also quite a lot of bird activity.  The crowned crane were a bit too far for a good photograph. A kingfisher caught a frog and there were Egyptian geese and dabchicks on the dam. A grey heron also lurked in the reeds.

Baby zebra having a snooze

Baby zebra having a rest

The best thing about Sani Valley Lodge is the tranquillity and peace.  The surroundings are stunning – the combination of mountains and lake just make this place a little bit of Paradise. It is Autumn now but we have missed the best of it. However, the colours still linger in spite of many of the trees being already almost bare of their leaves.   I am so enjoying the richness of the oranges, yellows and reds contrasting with the green of the mountains.  In summer it is just green, green and more nauseating green.  I think I like the Autumn best!

Earl was out on the lake before I could blink.   There are quite a few fishermen here and he worried that he wouldn’t get a boat – but we booked ages ago and Gareth knows how keen a fisherman Earl is – so there was indeed a boat ready for him.  He was out for the rest of the afternoon but unfortunately the fish weren’t biting!

View from our lodge

View from our lodge

Tomorrow is another day!


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