Sani Valley Lodge Day 3 and 4

Wednesday 6 May 2015 Sani Valley Lodge

Today we woke up to overcast weather and it was way colder than yesterday.  But this did not dull our spirits. Earl was up and out on the water just after 6.  I went back to sleep!   When I woke up I had a long and leisurely hot bath.

Today was a lazy day as far as physical activity was concerned but I did have some Bird Club work to do and also worked on the Birthday Photographs.

At half past 11 our masseuse arrived, Earl had a fire going in the grate and we each had a hot stone massage – Earl first and then me.   Wow – she was outstanding and we paid way less than we would in Cape Town for half the quality. I was finished for the rest of the day and just relaxed and watched the birds and animal at the dam.

Dinner tonight is braaied chops and sausage, cauli mash and salad.  Yes – we are being very good with our Banting diet.  Well – I am – Earl had biscuits for tea!

Yellow-billed duck with ducklings

Yellow-billed duck with ducklings

Thursday 7 May 2015 Sani Valley Lodge

Sadly today is our last day.  It is misty and cold so we decide to pack up and leave early.

Before we leave we chat to a French couple who are staying I Sunset 2.   It is their first visit to South Africa and they are here to visit their kids who are staying in Stellenbosch for six months.   They have done the Garden Route and are now exploring the Drankensberg.   Today they will go up Sani Pass with a guide.  We have a chat about the birds they have seen and I show them the French words on the Roberts App on my phone.  They are delighted.

We also plan to go a short way up Sani Pass before we head back to Kokstad.    On our way out we spot two beautiful reed buck.

He has a broken horn

He has a broken horn


She is beautiful

Our neighbours overtake us as we slowly climb the pass.  Then they stop and indicate to us that there is a bird in a tree.  We are thrilled to find the Gurneys Sugarbird – this is one of the few places to find them. They are similar to the more common Cape Sugarbird which we see often at home.

Gurney Sugarbird

Gurney Sugarbird

View from Sani Pass

View from Sani Pass

We turn around after seeing this our target bird and take a scenic drive to Drakensberg Gardens passing a place we once went to with the kids – Lake Naverone.


Giant’s Castle

On our return we stop at The Olde Duck for lunch.


We have been there before with the kids who always enjoy the petting farm.   We did find the donkey adorable.


The food was excellent too.  Earl had a fetta and spinach pancake and I had a hot chicken salad.


We then drove back to Kokstad and spent the night with the Mackenzies.  It was great to catch up and spend some quality time with them.


One thought on “Sani Valley Lodge Day 3 and 4

  1. Wow first time I have seen so much chicken in a salad. Usually they give you a few bits. The buck was lovely and so you enjoyed some nice birds again. The pass must have been cold. Sure seems like a great holiday.


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