Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – Saffies and Aussies on Safari – Day 18

Friday 19 June Cheetah Day

I wake at quarter to six and get up at quarter past – it is freezing!  I wrap myself in a rug and go to the loo.  My ablutions are quick and I get dressed under the blankets!  Today I don a pair of thermal tights under my jeans.   I can’t  feel the ends of my fingers even though I wrap them in a warm pair of gloves.   Packing up is painful and takes twice as long as with warm hands!

The temperature registers at -2 in the car and goes down to -3.  Thank Goodness for an effective air-con in the car as soon we warm up.

There are a few exciting spots the first being two African Wild Cats darting across the veld.  Unfortunately the light is wrong and they are too quick for a photograph.  But still it is a great sighting.

At 13th water hole we meet a couple we’d met the day before – George and Venetia.  They say they’ve seen the cubs but they have now gone over the ridge – clearly following their mothers who must be ahead of them.   We chat for a while then both cars move on.   We find them stopped up ahead of us and as we draw nearer see what they have seen – three cheetahs moving swiftly through the bush high up on the ridge.

One of the cheetahs moving stealthily through the bush

One of the cheetahs moving stealthily through the bush

We guess they are on their way to Urikaruus water hole so hurry along to wait for them.  After  20 minutes, Earlybird says – they’re not coming let’s go but then a land rover ahead of us turns around.  His mate has gone up to the viewpoint and has radioed him that the cheetahs are coming.   So we turn around too and – there they are – coming right for us!

He is centimeters from my eyeballs

He is centimeters from my eyeballs

And touches the car as he passes by my door

He makes his way across the road passing right next to the passenger side of the car

We’ve been looking at a steenbok at the waterhole while we are waiting and the cheetahs spot her too.  The one gives chase and she scoots off into the trees – we think the cheetah will return with breakfast for the others but she comes back empty handed.


She looks at the cheetahs nervously

IMG_6131 IMG_6133 IMG_6142 IMG_6145 IMG_6152

We watch the cheetahs frolic and have fun for a while and then they move back over the road and over the ridge – but wow – what a sighting.

IMG_6195 IMG_6190 IMG_6181 IMG_6183

Next we find the three eagle owls in the tree.

one of the Verreaux's Eagle Owls

one of the Verreaux’s Eagle Owls

We stop for breakfast at Kamqua before continuing our journey to Nossob

Earlybird cooks a killer brekkie

Earlybird cooks a killer brekkie

On the way we see some interesting birds and big herds of gemsbok at the waterholes.

IMG_6234 IMG_6324 P1060510 P1060519 P1060523

We check into Chalet 8 just behind reception.  It is quite warm now.  We have a braai for supper and eat outdoors.

Sundowners at Nossob

Sundowners at Nossob

A visitor looking for titbits

A visitor looking for titbits


Nothing beats a good old fashioned South African Braai

After supper Earl takes the Schoffls to the waterhole and I stay behind and have a shower and catch up with my bookkeeping.

There is not much happening at the waterhole so they are soon back.


2 thoughts on “Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – Saffies and Aussies on Safari – Day 18

  1. Wow what stunning Cheetahs and all those buck, no wonder they came out to feed, Cold here but guess that side worse. Try and stay warm. Cheers.

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