Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – Saffies and Aussies on Safari – Days 19,20,21

20 June 2015 to 22 June 2015

We spend the next three days at an unfenced wilderness camp – Gharagab.  The last time we were there Earlybird was sick and confined to bed for the duration of our visit.  On that occasion we had a variety of buck, lions, brown hyena and jackals visit daily.  So I am looking forward to a similar experience this time. That is the mistake one makes in the bush – it is never the same from one visit to the next and this visit will prove.

Gharagab is a 160 km drive from Nossob, the last stretch being a 4×4 track so the trip takes several hours.

The track to Gharagab

The track to Gharagab

Here are some pictures of what we see on the way.


Kori Bustard


Fawn-coloured Lark


Burchell’s Sandgrouse

We arrive have Cabin 3 and 4.   Both have lovely views of the waterhole.

IMG_6454 IMG_6455

We also have some close neighbours

IMG_6468 IMG_6459

IMG_6476 IMG_6477 IMG_6482


Our home for three nights

Red-headed finches are regular visitors

IMG_6498 IMG_6504

The sunsets are stunning.

IMG_6545 IMG_6546

And the braai master produced magnificent meals


The sociable weavers are not garden birds so the fact that they have become so tame is intriguing.  I have never seen them as confiding as they are here at. Clearly they have worked out that titbits are easy to come by.

IMG_6555 IMG_6577 IMG_6601 IMG_6606

We have many feathered visitors



Yellow Canary

Yellow Canary


Glossy Starlings

Glossy Starlings


Black-chested prinia

Black-chested prinia


Erich enjoying the view


Earl on the deck


A jackal right near our deck


One of Earl’s best moon shots


One thought on “Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – Saffies and Aussies on Safari – Days 19,20,21

  1. What wonderful birds and sure a lot of visitors. The little mouse seems to be enjoying his supper. The sunsets are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Have a great time.


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