Retiring in Struisbaai – Boks Vs Japs and “No, I don’t have empty nest syndrome”

Saturday 19 September 2015

Weekends in Struisbaai are just an extension of the week and sometimes I don’t even know what day it is.  But I listen to the radio more than I ever did before and was alerted to the fact that there is a Rugby World Cup on the go and that the Bokke were playing Japan today.   After our usual chores and faffing about we decided to go for a walk on the windy beach at about 3ish today.   We spotted several fans dressed in green in preparation for the game later in the evening.   Of course we planned to watch but the scenes on the beach got our attention first. We complain about the wind and weather but for some the conditions are perfect for their sport.  It’s just an attitude of mind isn’t it.


It was a perfect day for windsurfing

Wow - what a jump

Wow – what a jump

After our walk we decided to drive to a fish shop in Agulhas and get Sushi for supper – what were we thinking!

Earl, who won Springbok colours for Fishing in 1971 and 1972 didn’t even have a green tracksuit top or any other green garment having left them all in Cape Town so I made him wear the only green thing I could find in the house.

Earl settled in my pretty

Earl settled in my pretty “Bok” scarf watching the game

Earl tucking into Japanes sushi on the night of the Big Game

Earl tucking into Japanese sushi on the night of the Big Game – no wonder we lost!  We should have eaten Boerewors!

We were devastated to lose but hey – the Japs played brilliantly and I was secretly happy for the underdogs.

I woke up this morning at the disgracefully late hour of a quarter to eight.  There was nothing urgent awaiting my attention and I felt deliciously guilty languishing a few minutes longer.  Earl stirred and said, Why are you awake so early?   How funny is that!

I got to thinking that I am living this decadent life and not doing anything worthy.  What, I thought, should I do about this.  I can’t go on just doing exactly as I please.   I no longer have people relying on me.  For most of my life I’ve been somebody’s daughter, sister, niece, mother, wife, teacher, friend.  All these roles involved seeing to it that everybody’s needs were met.  Those years of looking after the very young and the very old are now over.  No aged relatives require my attention.  No very small children need me to care for them.  My own children are well over 30, the two older grandchildren are entering their final school years and the others live far away.   Suddenly I don’t have any responsibilities!  —— No – I don’t have empty nest syndrome.  After all it is I who left the nest.    And no – I don’t want to do anything worthy – I like this decadent lifestyle that I’m living. For the time being anyway!

After gym and a gloriously long shower, I opened the window to behold a beautiful sunny day.  “Let’s go to the beach for brekkie”, I suggested to the lazy beloved. He readily agreed and soon we found ourselves at Pelican Harbour Cafe ordering bacon and eggs and coffee.

One can never get tired of this view

One can never get tired of this view

Our lovely waitress serving our coffees

Our lovely waitress serving us excellent coffee

The breakfast was superb

The Alfresco breakfast was great as food eaten outdoors always is.

After breakfast we went to the local school to buy tickets for their upcoming concert. It was break and the kids were in the playground. It’s a tiny independent school with classes from Nursery and Grade R to Grade 7.   It is duel medium and as there are no more than 50 kids in the school they combine the grade so there are about five classes in all.  The teachers were having tea and we tentatively knocked and asked if we could buy tickets.  They were delighted and one of the staff took us to the small office to oblige our request.  I asked if they had a volunteer programme and she immediately called the principal who said she’d love to take my details. I emphasised that I wouldn’t commit to anything regular but if they needed a relief teacher or somebody to help with reading I’d be happy to help.  So much for dismissing my guilt about doing something worthy!


2 thoughts on “Retiring in Struisbaai – Boks Vs Japs and “No, I don’t have empty nest syndrome”

  1. Hey I thought you said you were retired? Now you want to do relief work. No, No it is time to enjoy life. Lovely to hear you have settled down and enjoying life there. When you retire days pass and dates so one never knows what is happening except you get up and do what you want. Wonderful. Have a happy week-end.


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