Retiring Adventurously – Heritage Weekend – Struisbaai and Breede River

Weekends and Long weekends mean nothing to one when one’s retired as every day is a holiday.  It’s only when somebody rings to say they want to come to stay that one realises that something special is happening.

Our darling daughter, Laurie, sometimes known as Lolz, came to spend the Heritage Weekend with us here in Struisbaai.  “But Mom, You need to meet my friend Cara’s parent – they’ll be at Breede River – would’t you l like to spend Saturday there and spend the night?

Well, why not?  We haven’t got anything better to do and we’ve heard a lot about Cara’s parents over the years and the girls have often said, “you guys have so much in common – you really need to meet.”  When one’s kids are little, you meet the parents of their friends but when they grow up, you tend not to.  So we agreed that this would be a good idea.

Lolz arrived at 7:14 pm on Wednesday evening and we went to Pelican Harbour Cafe for dinner.  Not the best supper we’ve ever had there but still a pleasant evening.  Earl’s ribs were okay but our grilled calamari was a bit fishy in taste and we left half of it.

Daddy and Daughter

Daddy and Daughter

Enjoying the old photographs of Struisbaai

Enjoying the old photographs of Struisbaai

It looked good and usually it is!

It looked good and usually it is!

The next day Lolz had to do some work – she’d taken Friday off so needed to do work to make up for it.

We did some garden work and found this tiny tortoise the size of a small urchin shell and smaller than the leaf it was next to.


Lolz needed to get some air after working hard most of the day and so we went for a walk on our beautiful beach.


The harbour




View from the boardwalk

IMG_7951 IMG_7953 IMG_7954

On Friday she needed to work some more and I did quite a bit of ‘hooking’. She saw my crochet work and ordered a set of placemats!

We decided to make Banting pizzas for supper!  The local fish shop stocks Banting products and we bought psyllium husks from them.   I prepared the cauliflower mash and Lolz mixed this with the psyllium husks to make the pizza bases.  We baked them in the convection oven and then added the toppings.  I had no faith that this would work but to be honest the pizzas were divine – even better than normal pizza – But if you decide to do it, don’t expect it to be anything like normal pizza.  The base is nothing like a normal pizza base. I never liked Pizza bases – I always felt sick after eating Pizza as much as I like eating them at the time.  But the cauliflower/psyllium husk base was just delicious and no after effects!   We put our favourite topping on top – cheese, feta, olives, creamed spinach, olives and avo after.

Lolz making Pizza

A canary loving our garden


Lolz making Pizza

Me eating Banting Pizza

Me eating Banting Pizza

On Saturday we were packed with towels and bedding and ready to leave by 9:00 am.   We stopped to pick up a dozen pre-ordered croissants from O K Grocer and then shopped in Bredasdorp for our braai.

Our first stop was at my sister at Riverine, Breede River.  Her son, Robert was there with his wife Katja and baby Matthew.  There is another little great nephew on the way!

Matty waiting for Granny's scones

Matty waiting for Granny’s scones


Tucking into scones


The croissants weren’t bad either


But Matty prefers his Grandma’s scones


Mom, I need a jammer lappie!


Boy having fun


Robs still love his mommy


Lolz, Tana, Earl


Brian, Robs

After a couple of lovely hours catching up with family we made our way to Lemoentuin to meet Laurie’s friends. L Cara and Laurie have been friends since they spent a year working in London.  The girls have always wanted their parents to meet and this weekend it finally happened.  What a stunning time we had!  In spite of it being a cold and wet weekend we had the most amazing time.  As the girls predicted we immediately clicked with Doug and Bridget as we have so much in common.

We had an early braai so that we could go to The Boathouse Pub to watch the Rugby.

The gang - Earl, Doug, Lolz, Justin and Cara

The gang – Earl, Doug, Lolz, Sean and Cara


Watching the Boks beat Somoa – Cara, Heather, Earl, Sean


The Boathouse, Breede River

I’m not really  big on watching sport but it is after all The World Cup – so I got quite excited to see the Boks doing so well. Last week we ate Sushi – with disastrous results – On this day we had a traditional braai with boerewors and obviously this bode well and we crushed the Samoans!  Go Bokke!

After the match we took Doug and Bridget home, enjoyed a cup of coffee and chat and then retired to bed.

Next morning the kids cooked breakfast on the skottel and we finally made our way back to Struisbaai.  The dirt roads were muddy and slippery but luckily we can go anywhere in a Land Rover.  But oh wow just look at the designer mud!

IMG_7997 IMG_7999

Earl getting rid of the mud

Earl getting rid of the mud


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