#NABLOPOMO 7 Heading back to Cape Town for a week


It’s Day 7 of NABLOPOMO and I am exhausted.  So no great writings tonight!

Hubby and I packed up and came to our Cape Town home this morning leaving at 10:00 am.  BUT there were huge delays with stop/go roadworks.  There were at least four. At one we waited for 25 minutes and it was hot.  We stopped for lunch at Peregrine Farm Coffee Shop which was lovely. We had a spinach and feta quiche. I scraped the filling off the crust to avoid the carbs.  Another time delay was having to come the long way round there is storm damage on Baden Powell road.  We were in two cars so I had to follow Hubby through some dicey, high crime areas to get home!  He warned me to keep my doors locked but I didn’t feel threatened at all.

Obviously the universe was not smiling on us kindly because on our arrival we found the kids had changed the front door lock – it had been giving trouble – they were out so we couldn’t get in.  A phone call later we had the number of the key and headed to the mall at break-neck speed hoping that the locksmith was still open.  No luck – BUT – the little electrical shop in the mall that doesn’t sell keys just happened to have one. They were on the verge of closing so took our money but didn’t give us a cash slip. No problem – we had a way into our house!

After unpacking Hubby went off to meet his mate’s boat and helped him offload and take the fish to the seller.  He brought home a lovely fresh yellow-tail and the two of us had sashimi for supper.

The cats were delighted to see us. The big one scoffed the fish but the little one had to been hand fed!

We will be here for a week as we have a few things we need to do:-

  1. Sort out the caravan’s tarpaulins
  2. Attend the Bird Club Fundraiser
  3. Attend my College Founder’s Day reunion
  4. Celebrate my birthday with my breakfast club
  5. Go to Telkom to order a line for Struisbaai

The next interesting event in our lives will be a caravan trip to Addo Elephant Park.

I will do a better blog tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “#NABLOPOMO 7 Heading back to Cape Town for a week

  1. Welcome home. Hope you enjoy your short stay. Hope the breakfast for your birthday will be lovely so a Big Happy Birthday to you. Have a great day. Blessings


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