#NABLOPOMO 8 Life is Good


It has been such a happy day today and it got me thinking about how lucky I have been in my life.  Even though there have been hard times and struggles and days where I’ve thought I can’t do this anymore. But looking back nothing seems bad at all. Everything seems so worthwhile.  Some things I used to stress over make me laugh now and I wonder why was I so fussed about it all!  I am talking about raising kids of course. All that nagging and training and insisting on good manners and responsible attitudes – I took it all so seriously.  That’s the great thing about being a grandparent – you’ve done it all and the kids turn out fine – well most of them do.  I do know the most amazing parents who did everything right who’ve had little demons that turned bad and I am not one to blame the parents – there comes a point where the child has to take responsibility for the path he chooses!  But when one’s child does make wrong choices in his adult life it is heart-breaking for the parent. How does one cope with that!  Tough Love – that’s how.  I strongly believe that you allow so much and no more. Let that adult child know – I’m here for you – but there are the rules.  Allowing them to abuse you is not love. Giving in to their demands is destructive to you both. It is hard but there comes a time when you have to let them go their own way and then to move on with your own life because usually you’re not the only one affected and you are needed by other people in your life too.

But I am so lucky – my daughters and granddaughter are perfect and my grandboys are getting there – hey – boys take a little longer.

I had a good giggle when I saw this on Facebook this morning – this could have been written by me!

Teach a man to fish

This has been the story of my life! But lucky for me my hubby catches the fish, cleans it and I don’t even have to cook it – he does that perfectly too. So he takes his rod and goes fishing and I take the gold card and go shopping!

Today was such a day – look at the happy faces of these two guys out on the boat.


My hubby on the boat with his mate, Tommy

While this fishing excursion was on the go, I took Baby Daughter and Second Grandson out for a bonding breakfast.  I had not seen them in some time and had some catching up to do. I wanted First Grandson to come too but he was gamed out and sleeping it off so we left him at home. Hubby phoned to say he’d hooked enough food to feed half of African and that I should be sure to invite two couples over for dinner. Baby Daughter had plans for lunch so bade us farewell and off she went while Second Grandson and I finished the shopping – what a pleasure to have him as my assistant – he put all sorts of things in the basket that I might have forgotten – cupcakes being an example!  But seriously – having a 17 year old push the trolley, pack the car then unpack it is such a privilege and saves an old lady’s back.  And it’s all done with a smile.  Then as I was setting the table I knocked one of the candles of the chandelier with the tablecloth and it broke.  He rushed to my assistance and informed me that actually they were all dead and needed replacing – I wouldn’t have found this out till the evening – remember I’ve been away for 4 months!  And hooray we had enough replacement candles which he changed for me and helped give the dusty chandelier a clean!

First Grandson was gaming – again. “I don’t need to study, Gran, I know my Physics.” No arguments – I just switched off the internet and said, “Then get an A, boytjie – Study some more”  And he did!   When Grandpa got home he asked him all kinds of questions about his work which he ‘knew’ and now ‘knows’ better!  Yes I am a lucky gran!

Our guests arrived at 6:30 and what a great evening we had.  It’s so good to get together with wonderful friends who have always been around in good times and bad.   These are the kind of friends you hang onto forever.  Some people come into your lives for a season and a reason and sometimes you’ll see them again and sometimes not. If you do it’s great if you don’t you’ve valued the time you did have and no regrets – but then there are those with whom you have a real bond and that is what I appreciate about the friends we had this evening.  Always a  pleasure to be together.


Enjoying the Braaied Yellowtail caught by Hubby

Oh yes – Life is Good – Very Good indeed.

And I’ve done this Blog 8 with two minutes to go before the end of this day!


2 thoughts on “#NABLOPOMO 8 Life is Good

  1. Yes good friends stay with you forever even if you have not seen them in ages. At least you know they are there for you. What a wonderful hubby and oh those delicious yellowtail braaied. Enjoy. You are blessed.


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