NABLOPOMO 12 – A Fundraiser with Pieter Dirk Uys


It is my portfolio for the Bird Club to organise an annual fundraiser at Theatre on the Bay, Camps Bay.  This year we had South Africa’s most famous satirist, Pieter Dirk Uys doing one of his hilarious one-man shows – An Audience with Pieter Dirk Eish.

It is mind boggling to watch him change, on stage, as he impersonates one well-known political figure or fictional personality to another, with just a simple costume and a touch of make up.  But it’s his facial expressions and talent for mimicry that finally fool you into believing that he has actually turned into that character!

The audience was asked to ‘pick a box’ with a number on it and in this box would be the costume of one of the characters that he would impersonate.   I was flattered when he called me by name to choose a box.  I have been a Pieter Dirk Uys fan since his first show – Adapt or Die –  and my favourite character is Nowell Fine – who was a Jewish liberal, Progressive Party supporter in her youth during the Apartheid Era.   Her character has grown so that she is now a loyal supporter of everything in the New South Africa.  So I was delighted when Box Number 15 which I asked for, revealed her costume.  My favourite quote from her when asked why she doesn’t emigrate to ‘safer, crime-free country’ is “I’d rather be murdered in my bed than get up and make it!

Nowell Fine

All his characters were done brilliantly and we were in stitches as he wove stories around each one and how they’d affected the lives of South Africans over the 30+ years he has been doing his one-man shows. Although done with humour the lessons hit home.  Pieter made us leave the theatre knowing there were some crazy things about our country but that there was plenty of good in it too. And it is with this positive attitude that we must all look forward to a better future.

After the show he came into the foyer and mixed and chatted with the audience.  He encouraged everyone to take selfies with him. My hubbie and I also took some photographs with my camera.  Hubby had been a class ahead of Pieter at primary school and they got to chatting about their old teachers.

I'm a big fan!

I’m a big fan!

Hubby and Pieter Dirk Uys

Hubby and Pieter Dirk Uys

Our chairperson with the Legendary Pieter Dirk

Our chairperson with the Legendary Pieter Dirk

What a stunning evening and a wonderful way to raise funds for the Cape Bird Club’s conservation projects.


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