NABLOPOMO 13 – An Unexpected Treat


Having recently relocated to a small town at the tip of Africa, I have neglected to find myself a hairdresser thinking, “When I go back to Cape Town, I’ll pop into my trusted young man who knows just how to handle my mop.”  It is always a treat to see Johan. Not only is he an excellent stylist, but he has a knack of making one feel special.  He always pays me a compliment even when my hair is in a sad state of neglect.  After three months without a cut, I was sorely in need of his expertise with a pair of scissors.

After catching up on each other’s news he tentatively asked, “Are you doing anything tomorrow night?” Well he’s young enough to be my son so I knew he wasn’t angling for a date!  “Not that I can think of right now,” I said “Why what’s up?”

“Well, I’ve started studying make-up and I have a lesson and no model – would you oblige?”  Wow, Is the Pope Cathelic – “I’d love to,” I said. What girl doesn’t like to have her face done up for free?

I warned my dearly beloved that he would have to take me out for dinner afterwards so as not to waste my beauty watching TV for the rest of the evening.

Now I have been to a various beauticians and hairdressers in my long lifetime and although I love the sessions these experts can’t seem to help themselves from pointing out your flaws.  “What have you done to your hair?”  “Oh no – you don’t use eye cream?????”  “Do you want to always wear a scarf when you’re older – then for Goodness sake use the neck cream!” “I do hope you use a mask at least once a week!”

Not so with, dear Johan.   He only has lovely things to say and his teacher was just as complementary. I have looked in the mirror many times so I know the truth, but it was nice to hear – You have excellent skin and your eyes are a lovely shape.  His teacher advised on the use of shades that would suit the older woman so as to soften the look  (or not to make her look like a witch, I would say)

Usually I take exactly 2 minutes to do my make-up every morning. After the cleanse and moisturise routine – 30 seconds – I slap on the foundation, brush on some blush and colour the lips – that’s it!    How long would a professional take – Try an hour and a half!  And all the instructions of which brush to use, what colours to choose, how to get both eyes to look the same etc. etc.

First the hair is clipped back

First the hair is clipped back

Then the brushes chosen

Then the colour tested

And carfully applied

And carefully applied


Now for the eys


Make sure both are the same


An artist at work


Tools of the trade


A very natural end result!

I felt like a queen when it was all done and thoroughly enjoyed dinner out with my darling hubby.  Thanks Johan for a really lovely treat!


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