#NABLOPOMO 15 Old Photographs Call Back The Past


Hubby and I were back in Cape Town for a week.  While there I delved into the deepest, darkest cupboard and hauled out the ancient photographs – nearly all black and white of course.   And of course this only served to throw me nostalgically back to the past!

I have recently written about Quintella and all the amazing memories it holds but didn’t have enough photographs to enhance the story.

My aunt sent me this photograph of the house – before my time and before the garden was established. It is the ‘front’ of the house.  The drive way passed the back door and so that is where everybody entered.  The front door led to the front garden.

A very early photograph of Quintella - before the garden was established

A very early photograph of Quintella – before the garden was established

Although my grandmother was the gentlest of souls and a friend to whoever crossed her path, she was a ‘lady’ and always dressed beautifully and correctly for the occasion.  I never saw her looking untidy or in a pair of trousers until she was quite old and then she said it was to keep out the cold!

Granny and Atom

Granny and Atom – a very special little dog!

In the ‘olden days’ street photographer would snap one in the city, issue you with a card and for a small fee and a long wait you could claim you picture.

She dressed up to go to town - note the smart hat!

Gran always dressed smartly for a visit into the city and never left home without a hat.  Looks like a great shoe shop in the background.

The picture below is of my aunt and my brother and big brother and me.  We were very attached to her. She was full of fun and always ready to play with and entertain us.  When I heard the news that she was leaving the country I was devastated.   I couldn’t imagine the world without all of my family around me.  Looking at this photo – I see a smiling, relaxed Big Brother – a slightly worried young aunt (Was she thinking about her imminent departure?) and me? Why the wide eyes and pressing closely to her side?  Was I feeling neglected?

Leonie Michael Helen

I have a feeling this photo was taken just before emigration to Australia. We are just outside the back door of Quintella

Our cousin’s father was our father’s brother but after their parents divorced their mother married my mother’s brother, Uncle To so he became their step-father so we ended up spending a great deal of time with them both at Quintella and Fish Hoek where we lived.  The beach and Quintella – what an idyllic childhood we had. There was an older cousin too – but he didn’t spend as much time with us as the younger two.  Note the clothes – this photograph must have been taken on the same day as the one above – OR we didn’t have any others!

The Cousins

The Five of Us – Tana, Me, Michael, Louis (RIP) Philip. Always together having the most amazing fun.

Of course we adjusted to the departure of our aunt.  It would be 12 years before we saw her again. Her three sons were born in Oz and we only met them when they were 3,6,and 9 and instantly fell in love with them! But that is a story for another Blog – maybe.

The photograph below was sent to my grandparents to assure them that they were doing well in their new country.

Aunt and her husband soon after settling in Australia

Aunt and her husband soon after settling in Australia

It’s amazing how rapidly the years fly by. Soon Quintella became too much for Gran and Grandpa to manage. I was in High School when they sold up and moved to Fish Hoek where they lived happily for many more years. They had a long and happy marriage and here we are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary with them.

Michael (Big Brother), Me, Grandpa, Granny, Tana (Little Sister) Nicholas (Baby Brother)

Michael (Big Brother), Me, Grandpa, Granny, Tana (Little Sister) Nicholas (Baby Brother)

Granny and Grandpa RIP –  You set us the perfect example for grandparenthood and now that we’re there we value you even more that we did as children.


2 thoughts on “#NABLOPOMO 15 Old Photographs Call Back The Past

  1. Your grandma looks beautiful and so does your aunt. The children look all fresh-faced and happy. I believe I can see the resemblance of that wide-eyed kid and your display picture. 🙂 The happiness in the last picture is palpable. I really enjoy reading your posts. I have NaBloPoMo to thank for coming across your blog.


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