NaBloPoMo 25 – The story of the Proud Hoopoe


Our holiday to the Eastern Cape has come to an end and sadly we bade farewell to our wonderful friends, Jim and Maureen this morning and made our way back to Struisbaai.  Thanks J&M for being such amazing friends and sharing your beautiful home with us. Thanks too for the tour guiding around the area.  Earl loved seeing all the boats and the birding was great too!  We are so privileged to have you in our lives and we look forward to meeting up again soon.

Of course after a stay away there is the unpacking and sorting out to do back home.  I am pleased to say that the caravan is cleaned and sorted and the washing is almost done!

My blog post today will be a story about a bird from our holiday.

Hoops the Hoopoe is an impressively handsome bird but even his stunning good looks don’t always get him the attention he craves from Hettie his girlfriend.  He needs to find something else to impress her.  Not even the Addo Park tourists are looking at him this morning because his friends Elroy and Eliza the baby elephants are making them giggle as they enjoy a lovely messy mud bath at Marion Baree waterhole. Suddenly he spies a fat, juicy worm popping its head up from its dingy hole and instinctively he nabs it with his beak.  Now where is Hettie?  He calls – Hoop-hoop, hoop-hoop as loudly as he can without opening his beak.  Hettie does not appear but all the tourists in their cars are enthralled and he struts about proudly hoop-hooping away and even displaying his handsome crest.   But where of where is Hettie – she needs to see this – I want to invite her to lunch!  Then suddenly out of nowhere comes a flash of black and a cheeky Fiscal grabs the worm from the puffed up hoopoe. Poor Hoops – he’s lost the girl and the worm!





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