#NaBloPoMo 29 – #TheGreatWedding


My brother, sister and I produced our first children within six months of each other and the cousins grew up together and were even in the same class a school until the end of Primary School.  I adored my niece and nephew and when my sister and sister-in-law announced that they were again expecting babies, I said to my dad.  “Well – I won’t be able to love these new kids like I do the ones we have!”  Wisely he replied, “Just wait and see – there is always enough love in your heart to bond with one more.’ And he was right – my two new nephews wriggled into my heart and I adored them just as much.  And when my brother adopted his step-son  I found I could love him too just as I loved my own step-daughters – what a capacity for love the heart has!  Soon the next babies were due – within three months of each other and this time I had no doubt that I would just love them too – And of course I did.  All the cousins were close and for my daughter, whose step-sisters were much older, they almost filled the role of siblings.

Now those gorgeous little kids are all grown up and getting married and having babies themselves!

If you were to meet my daughter and nieces you would truly believe they were born into Royal Families.  So real is their princessness that they would absolutely be bruised black and blue if they slept on a pile of mattresses covering a pea.

The youngest of these girls is the most royal of them all and yesterday she married her Prince Charming.   I can’t describe how emotional I became watching her walk down the grassy aisle on the arm of her handsome father.  If I was teary – how did my sister and brother-in-law feel!   I asked Brian and he said – “I feel perfectly happy and proud as I know she’s chosen the right man and I know that they are very much in love.”


Princess Belinda escorted to the alter by her adoring dad

Now our Pretty Princess Belinda, like all real princesses, has a way of always getting her way – and on this day even the weather toed the line. It was warm and windless and the setting at “In the Vine”  was stunning.


Three Gorgeous Bridesmaids


Four Handsome Groomsmen



And so two families are joined


First Dance


Father and Daughter Dance

It is no wonder that this beautiful child is a princess – she’s always been treated like one having two fabulous older brothers who doted on her and kept the wolves at bay!


Princess Belinda with Prince Charming Brothers, Robert and James

The celebrations continued into the wee hours of this morning and a fabulous time was had by all.


The other two princesses dancing together


Welcome home Martine – so good to see you!

My brother’s kids, Martine and Mick live abroad so it was super special to have them both here for the wedding.


Mick being introduced to his future second cousin


Taking a break after some energetic dancing

There was also a lot of fun with a camera set up to take selfies!

Belinda and Dayne, may I share with you a pearl of wisdom that I picked up in a sermon I heard at a wedding many years ago – Try to outdo each other in what you can do for the other. That should be the only competition between you.  Look after each other and your love and relationship will grow stronger.   Love you lots.



One thought on “#NaBloPoMo 29 – #TheGreatWedding

  1. What a beautiful bride. Please tell Tana she looked amazing her dress was beautiful. Their daughter is stunning and beautiful. Good luck to the newly wed much happiness.


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