#Nablopomo 30 – Mongooses in the Garden


My sister-in-law has a mountainside home overlooking the Indian Ocean  in the deep south of Cape Town. Her garden is  an explosion of mountain fynbos and it attracts a variety of birds and small mammals.  Baboons can be a nuisance but she insists that they were there first and have the right of way!  So her house is baboon proofed and she defends their rights to any neighbour or visitor who complains about the damage they can cause!


The ever-present helmeted guineafowl


The malachite sunbird is a regular visitor who loves the Cape honeysuckle


The endemic Cape Sugarbird loves Carrol’s garden.


The female’s tail is not as long as her husband’s

Recently one of her regular visitors, a Small Grey Mongoose, came to introduce her babies to her.  We were there yesterday and I hoped they would make an appearance.  I was in luck – they did! They are now quite big and I was delighted to watch them come to the water trough and then play in full view of my camera.


I hope you can’s see me


We’re very thirsty – Thanks for the drink


Mom is watching

I couldn’t resist taking a video of their antics.

Mongooses at play

And so Day 30 of NaBloPoMo has come.  I have blogged every day this month!  Thanks to all who followed, liked and commented.  It has been a great thing to do.  I love all the blogs that I have discovered through NaBloPoMo too!



One thought on “#Nablopomo 30 – Mongooses in the Garden

  1. How sad I so enjoyed reading all about your birds and other animals. Hope you have a wonderful Festive season and we shall see lots more in the New Year.

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