Merry Christmas

A Merry and Blessed Christmas to all my family and friends and those who read my blog.


Earl and I were the first ones up at 7 this morning and we started on the preparations. We set the tone for the day by putting on some Christmas music and by 10 0’clock  everybody was up and dressed and ready to open presents.

Grandpa warned the boys that Santa was not going to be too generous this year and that they were now too big for presents.   Really?   So they decided instead to give him a big surprise.  They presented him with the biggest box from under the tree.

IMG_3395He read the note – Dear Earl – From Santa.

He looked somewhat surprised – Who is Santa?  he asked.  The boys just laughed.

He ripped of the wrapping then opened the box only to find another, then another inside until the final one which looked like it might hold a new cell phone.  By now the boys could hardly contain themselves. Then – omigosh what is this – A small piece of black coal! And  a note – Dear Earl – You’ve been a naughty boy – Love Santa!

The boys were rolling on the floor laughing and Earl’s face was a picture – we have it all on video – That will teach you for teasing your lads, Grandpa!

Luckily he has a sense of humour and he loved the pressie they finally gave him – biltong and a book – H is for Hawk – which is all about falconry.



I was spoiled with my favourite perfume and some choccies


Laurie did her Christmas shopping in Thailand so we all got Thai pressies


Jay said he looked like Grandpa in his new shorts!


Josh looking pleased with some Man products – Girls beware!


The girls wearing their gifts from each other – With Jay getting in on the scene!

There were 10 of us for a traditional Christmas lunch.


The Turkey just out the oven


Ready to tuck in!

We served turkey stuffed with pork sausage and Smoked Gammon with all the trimmings – gem squash, sweet potato, butternut and a Greek Salad.

Dessert was Carrol’s famous trifle and we had mince pies for afternoon tea.

A wonderful time was had by all.






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