Proudly South African Expat Catches Up With Friends

After she retired three years ago, my friend Margie, packed for Perth to be near her son, daughter and grandchildren.   For her it was a good move but it is not without its challenges.  Today our Breakfast Club met so we could all catch up with her.

Our favourite breakfast venue is Bistro Sixteen82 on Steenberg Wine Estate. “The Aussies think their Wine Farms are fabulous,” declared Margie.  “They have no idea!  There is nothing like this over there.  And this is the first time I’ve been out for breakfast for three years as it’s just too expensive!”


Margie enjoying Mushroom Benedict at an affordable price

Margie said she didn’t realise how much she’d missed the mountains till she landed back in Cape Town.  “Cape Town,” she said, “is the most beautiful city in the world.”


A wonderful ambience at Bistro Sixteen82

“You’re biased,” I laughed.

“NO!” she insisted. “Really – there isn’t a more beautiful place in the whole, wide world!”  A truly proudly South African statement – and just proves how you can take the girl our of Cape Town but you can’t take Cape Town out of the girl.

Emigrating at retirement age is not easy on a South African Teacher’s pension.  Margie still has to work and getting employment is not easy.  She has done a number of courses to improve her qualifications, mainly to enable her to work with children with special needs.  She has had to register a business in order to take on private pupils – even though she does not have many. She also does supply teaching and baby sitting!  In order to work with children in any capacity she has had to get Police Clearance!

Studying in your sixties is daunting but Margie has achieved excellent results and has enjoyed the challenge.   She embraces every opportunity that comes her way but still it’s not easy to get full time employment.

Yes, it’s tough living away from your homeland and she misses her friends but the rewards are great as she gets to be near her kids and to see her grandchildren growing up.

You’re looking good on it, Margie.  We admire you hugely for what you’ve accomplished in three short years away from home.  All the best for 2016 and may many good employment opportunities come your way!


Back with the Breakfast Friends




2 thoughts on “Proudly South African Expat Catches Up With Friends

  1. Margie come to the Hunter Valley wine country – plenty of breakfasts to be had.(I agree – expensive)
    Police checks on teachers are mandatory in the UK and Canada. Nothing new about that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Helen

    Thanks for that……….I always enjoy your reads.

    I am trying to do the catch up before the new year starts. Got up very early to work in my garden before the heat of the day.

    Filled two bins and the rest will have to wait……exhausted!

    Take care, love Margie.


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